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One of the very first steps in our planning process is the creation of our couple’s wedding website. We absolutely insist on the creation of these websites, not just for our clients but for their guests. If you think of it, the world has gone online and as such it is essential that we provide guests with the option to RSVP online, check our clients wedding details online and also contact us via the wedding website if they have any questions or concerns. We absolutely love them and utilise them every day to attain guest information for our destination weddings. 

Here are a few details that you should include when building your website darlings: 



The location is the most important detail that needs to be included on your website. From the moment you choose the date and seal the deal on the wedding location(s), ensure that you include this information so that your guests can start planning and organizing their schedules. Give your guests as much time as possible to be able to put things in place, so that they can attend and celebrate with you.


Share the time of each event with your guests. Once you lock in the venue spaces (if you have selected a hotel), ensure that you include the time so that your guests can have an idea of what flights to book to make sure that they are present for the festivities. You won’t want them to miss out on the Welcome Party now.


If you have hired a destination wedding travel agency like Adriana Weddings, then our team will arrange all transportation for both you and your guests. We work with many reliable transport companies in various countries, so we will be able to negotiate discounted rates for your guests and will arrange the very best for your transport to and from the airport and hotel.

If you have decided to organize things on your own, then please get in touch with one of the top transportation companies in the country that you have chosen and organize transport to and from the airport and hotel for your guests.

Please note that if you’d like, you can arrange the transport for all of your guests and make the necessary payments or you can ask your guests to cover this cost. Depending on the hotel that you have chosen, they may even have complimentary transportation for guests depending on the number of nights booked at the hotel, eg. Palace Resorts includes transportation once you book 4 nights or more at any of their hotels.

Celeste and Reece, wedding photographers from Trinidad & Tobago, featured on Adriana Weddings


We live for the kiddos, but not every couple would prefer to have kids attending their events. If this is the case, then please make a note of this and include it in your wedding website and invitations so that your guests would know not to book their flights and bring them along.

Interested in a kid-friendly wedding, then that’s no problem! Many hotels offer clubs or fun areas for children so they will be able to have some fun with other children if they would like. Some hotels even offer nanny services, so this is something that can definitely be explored.


If it’s one thing that we love, is when couples have a multi-day schedule and the dress code is fun and unique for each event! Bring on the fashion and the FUN! If you would like to have an all-white welcome party, then please include this on your website. If you would like to have a tropical inspired wedding day and would like for your guests to wear floral attire, then please ask them to do so. It is important that your guests are informed so that they are able to pack accordingly.

Luxury Sikh Destination Wedding at Moon Palace Cancun, Planning by Adriana Weddings.


This is a bit of a piggy back off of the last point, but please ensure that you include all of the events on your wedding website for your guests. In most cases, our couples will have a nice Welcome party and Rehearsal Dinner. Some may only invite the bridal party and immediate family to the Rehearsal Dinner, but they would definitely include all of their guests for the Welcome Party and the Wedding Day. If you would like to do an after-wedding brunch or a cruise, then please include these details also.


 If you have booked a Group Room Block through your Destination Wedding travel agent, then their team will definitely include all of this information on your wedding website for your guests. Our team creates custom webpages for our clients which includes all of the necessary information, so this will also be listed on the website if your guests have any questions.

Please ensure that all hotel information is included (the address, the rooms and the discounted rates for each category, imagery, videos, etc.) to excite your guests!


Did you organize a wedding registry or charity donation? Many of your guests would love to gift you something special for your wedding, so please feel free to include this information so that they can organize easily. If they prefer to give cash as a gift, then you can also put this in as an option so that your guests can make a contribution of any amount to maybe help toward your dream home.