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As many before us have said, “Many hands make light work”, but should this saying hold true to wedding planning as well? These days, weddings have truly become a labour of love with families and friends coming together to make one day completely perfect for their loved one. But in the process, some would argue that has this caused slight confusion in deciding exactly what professionals to hire for your wedding day. What do you think?

You see when your time finally comes, and you’ve said “yes”, it’s hard to say “no” to the ones who have been there from the very beginning. Those family members who have always been there to cheer you on, hoping and praying that one day they would live to see you get married. So how could you possibly turn them down now, when they can’t help but want to be a part of the process.

Dealing with this could be quite overwhelming, as wedding planning already is. How do you even know where to begin, and who to say yes or no to? We know that the delegation process is no walk in the park, so we are here to help you decide what projects to hand over to your loved ones, and what to leave to the professionals.

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Asking your sister-in-law to do the fun DIY work is simply a no brainer if she’s already super excited to assist, and is crafty by nature. Instead of spending hundreds or maybe even thousands on decor items or stationery pieces (gasp!), create a Pinterest board together and decide on sweet pieces that you would truly love to incorporate into your day, especially if you are having a themed wedding!

It will cut cost tremendously in some instances, and even make your sister happy for being a part of your big day. It’s just a win-win!

We all know how excited mothers and mothers-in-law could get when this precious time comes around, so it’s safe to say that having them play an essential role in the wedding planning process is a priority. However, having them bake your wedding cake is not. Choosing a professional cake artist over your mother to create your five-tier Great Gatsby inspired cake is not a bad decision, it’s just the safer bet. 

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Instead of baking the cake for this particular event, maybe she could provide the dessert and other little treats. Allowing her to contribute in this way will be the perfect alternative, and will add to your selection of sweet delicacies. Again, another win-win!

We can’t stress enough how vital it is to hire a professional designer or company to create the wedding dress of your dreams. It is after all the only time that you will be wearing this beautiful piece, right? So, make it great!

It seems as though everyone we know is a seamstress these days, crafting pieces, and even fixing outfits for both men and women for various types of events. But hiring one for one of the most special days of your life, who may not specialise in bridal may not be the best decision.

Instead of hiring this “family friend” for this duty, why not enlist their help to create the bridesmaids’ dresses, or even the flower girl dress? How perfect would that be? And in doing so, you will definitely be able to not only work with this person to design your own look(s), but will also cut cost a bit and get exactly what you wanted without the stress of having to purchase something locally or online.

Recently, we have seen many couples opting for a simple playlist, instead of hiring a professional DJ, and we’re not too sure we agree. Though MUCH easier to organise for the day, a professional DJ or musician will have so much more to offer to your day. He or she will be able to play various genres based on the mood of the party, and hype up the crowd when necessary to make for an awesome wedding and party! Is there really any comparison between the two? We think not.

If you’re in full agreement with us, and are ready to hire that special someone, then maybe your cousin could be your choice. We tend to agree that flexibility in this area may not be such a bad idea, since your family may actually be the best candidate. After having known you for many years, and maybe even partied with you as well, they would have a good idea of the type of music that you would appreciate and even love. So go for it! Whatever the result, just know that professionals in this area are still available and ready for you to give them a call.