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One of the main reasons that Adriana Weddings was created in the first place, was to assist all newly engaged girls find the perfect wedding brands/vendors to bring their Caribbean destination wedding to life.

And naturally, because we just simply adore everything weddings, brides and marriage (of course).

But in as much as the process is fun and allows you to engage in a fairytale that your mother sold to you when you were a little girl, (and therefore wanted ever since), the job isn’t as easy as it looks.

Finding the perfect team, getting each of them to understand your vision and then allowing them to pool their skills together to make this dream day of yours a reality sounds scary, right? Even to us sometimes too, don’t worry.

But guess what? It is SO doable, and happens every single day, all around the world by little gems we call – wedding planners!

And what makes it even better for us, is that we get to share all of our knowledge (along with expert advice…*yay*) with you to make the process as stress free as heavenly possible.

But, since we can’t consult with each of you individually (though we so wish we could), we thought we’d give you some little pointers to help start you off.

So you ready? Let’s get started!


Starting with your parents is the most important step. Your fiance would have most likely asked your father for his blessing prior to him popping the question, but still… there’s nothing like hearing it from you, the lovely bride-to-be! After this has been done, you can then move out to your siblings, close family and dearest friends of course. If possible, deliver the good news in person or over the phone. If this isn’t ideal, then email may have to do for some and that’s fine too. But whatever you do, do not, and we repeat, do NOT post it on Social Media before you have carried out the aforementioned steps.



Now if you are anything like our Editor-in-Chief, you would have already created your “Wedding Day” board on Pinterest the very moment that you became a member, (even if you weren’t engaged) and organised everything perfectly! No, you are not alone.

And for others, you may have even started saving images from magazines, or purchased bridal books every now and then when you popped into the book store, just because…you know?

Whatever your method, putting all the details together after you’ve said the big “Yes, I will marry you”, is essential.

If you are a bit of a techie like we are then you may be inclined to get attached to imagery on Pinterest, but try to start small. Pop over to our Blog and get some Real Wedding inspiration first. Remember that looking at things from abroad may entice you to want to recreate a concept, but focusing on your space, and its venues, etc. will be key in assessing what decisions to make.

After this, put together a little Wedding Day folder with your wish list and get to work! Research is everything, so contact one of our amazing wedding planners and begin the fun process.



Though thought of before anything else by most grooms- to-be, budgeting for your big day is by far the most important aspect of any wedding.

It’s important to note that honing in on the “must have’s” instead of “just want’s” will truly make everything so much easier, and smoothen out the process.

Even though you may not have any idea of what anything may cost, you can pretty much bet that some items may be a little more expensive than others. Remember that your wedding (though important and special) is just for one day, and your marriage is for the rest of your life, so budget to suit.

Focusing on how much money you have instead of how much you wish to spend will definitely do the trick. And begging friends and family for extra money just to have the most elaborate floral wall may not be the best idea, right?

Whatever you decide, be gentle, realistic and compromising. After all, your family, friends and fiance love you and will do whatever they can to ensure that you have the best wedding ever.

Check out lots more budgeting advice here.



Dreaming big is something that we firmly believe in. It is actually one of our motto’s at the office, and so we constantly preach this to our brides and couples who we interact with.

Getting married is such a special part of your life, one that you will never forget, so dream as much as you want about how the decor will look; what designer dress you will be adorned in; and how handsome your fiance will look, and make it a reality!

Make the day as unique as possible and completely about you and your partner, so that the moment that your guests step into the ceremony, they feel your every presence and smile.



Now obviously, there will be loads of time to think about the exact number of guests who will be invited to your wedding, but thinking about it from the get go is something that is often overlooked.

Through conversation with your family and fiance, you will be able to decide on the type of wedding you would like to have, whether destination, intimate or otherwise, and hone in on the numbers that would make sense for your chosen style.



Deciding on a theme, flowers, decor or other aspects may be a breeze for some couples, but choosing a date may not be!

“For me, I always knew that our date would have had to have been within the Christmas period since my husband’s sister was studying in New York at the time, and thus only got vacation at certain periods throughout the year. As such, we based everything around January since most of our family and friends from abroad would have most likely been in Trinidad anyway to visit their families for the holiday season, and we were right. It worked out perfectly!” Elisa, Editor-in-Chief.

Knowledge like this early on is so great, because it makes the venue searching process easier as you know for sure what time period you are working with. If however you are not as lucky as our Editor-in-Chief was, then just take some time and choose a month full of meaning for you both. An anniversary or the month you two met, could be perfect.

It may be a bit of a back and forth between you two, but soon enough, the perfect month will be chosen and the exact day will come soon after.



Simply put, (after doing a bit of research) you WILL know who your must have wedding vendors will be!

Before confirming your dream date, ensure that you have sealed with deal with the photographer, decorator and venue, for example. If they aren’t free for your chosen day, then you may have to decide if you are willing to give up your dream photographer for your wedding month choice or vice versa. It will be a tough decision, but one that will make or break the look for your day, so choose wisely.



With all the little to do’s that will be made a priority before the big day, don’t forget to take a moment and have some fun with your partner.

In all of the interviews that we have ever done with our #adrianabrides, if it’s one thing that each of them had to note at the end of it all, was to “have fun”, and remember to include your fiance in all of the important decisions. Important meaning, the big ticket items such as the venue, food and bar. Other than that, it’s all up to you darling! 🙂


Hey friends! We would love to hear from you. Are you newly engaged and having a little trouble deciding where to start? Did you like our tips above?


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