You’ve decided on a date, confirmed the wedding ceremony and reception venues, and have even booked your wedding planner, and now it’s time for that one special thing – your wedding invitations! Or in the case of destination weddings, your Wedding Invitation Suites AND Save The Dates! 😉

So “the basic rule of thumb is to send save the dates 6 months before the wedding. For a destination wedding, it is customary to mail save the dates 8 to 12 months in advance. For a local affair, send save the dates 4 months in advance” – Shutterfly.

With destination weddings, the process is quite different when it comes to wedding stationery. In this case, you would not only need to provide Save the Date Cards for your guests, but would also need to do a full wedding invitation suite in order to fill your guests in on all the details, and ensure that they are able to prepare.

What your pre-wedding stationery would now include is a Save the Date (sent way in advance), a gorgeous Wedding Invitation suite (jam packed with all of the essential information) and even a Wedding Website for all those technologically savvy gems.

Here is all of the Wedding Stationery that you could include:


This is essential for destination weddings, as it will be the first point of contact between you and your lovely guests. This special piece will set the tone and general look and feel for your day, so ensure that it is designed elegantly and with your chosen theme or colour scheme in mind.

Your Save the Date should also be concise and short. In it, you can include your names, the chosen destination & venue, and ofcourse the wedding date. You can also fit in a cute little personalised message that your guests would love, to let them know how excited you are to have them share this day with you.


Designed to perfection, and ready to blow your guests away. This piece is the most important of them all when it comes to your wedding invitation suite…ofcourse! 😉 In here, you would include: Couple’s Full names, Parents’ Names, the Ceremony details, & the start time. Some wedding invitations may also include the Reception information, location details and even the R.S.V.P., but we would recommend against it, as you shouldn’t clutter your gorgeous wedding invitation with all of those details, when your other cards within the suite will have all of the necessary information.


Now in most cases, your wedding reception would most likely be in the same place as your wedding ceremony since it is a destination wedding, and you may not want to make things too complicated for both you and your guests so this card may not necessary. But if it is, then you would need to add this in. You will need to state whether it will be a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Reception and include whether or not children would be able to attend, or if it would be an adult only event.


Not every invitation suite for destination weddings will need a response card. For most couples, we would actually recommend foregoing this, but if you have family and friends who may not be technologically inclined, then you can consider sending them this, to ensure that they would be most present for your wedding day. Other than that, you can guide your other guests to your official Wedding website where they will be able to RSVP.


It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this. If it’s one thing we’ve learnt over the past few years from our clients, and from attending many weddings, is that Waze and Google Maps are not always effective, and that having a trusty map, and the exact directions are essential. All of your guests will thank you for it later, we promise.


This is an absolute MUST for destination weddings. Your guests need to be informed on the hotel accommodations if you’re getting married at a hotel, and if you choose a private venue, then you would need to fill them in on the hotels close by, to ensure that they have easy access to the venue.


BONUS TIP: You should try to arrange these details through a Travel Agency or Destination Wedding Planner, so that they can organize discounted room rates. Many are connected to some of the best hotels and resorts, so this would be a great option to consider.

Remember that rooms can book up quickly depending on the time of year, etc. so inform your guests of this, so that they can book accordingly.


Let’s be honest, most of the fun that comes with destination weddings is the very idea of a wedding and vacation all in one, right? It’s so awesome! So we would really recommend that you plan a wedding weekend of sorts, with multiple events for you and your guests leading up to the big day! These events could include waterfall trips, beach parties, day-before brunch, etc. It is always a great idea to include this list of events on a card for your guests, so that they can know how to prepare for the festivities!


This one though cute, is truly only an option for both a local and destination wedding. This card can include your wedding website details, and any other additional information that you may have missed in your other cards. But, you can always include your Wedding Website details on the Wedding Invitation or Accommodations Card to assist your guests in the booking process.

Your wedding website should have the following:

  • Your Proposal/ Love story
  • Your wedding Date & Locations of both the Ceremony & Reception
  • Logistical details (how to get to the Ceremony & Reception, the start time, wedding attire for guests, if it’s a cash bar, transportation details e.g. if there’s a shuttle to and from the hotel to the ceremony)
  • Registry Information
  • Tour Guide for those who may be interested in taking in some of the sites while they are there
  • If possible, you can even include a wedding countdown. Some wedding website platforms allow for this cool feature, so check out all of the available options to find out more!
  • Photographs of the two of you Jg. Engagement photographs
  • Photographs of the venue(s)
  • Full Schedule pre-wedding, on the day, and post-wedding
  • The wedding party details with images
  • Travel information e.g. airport information depending on where your guests may be coming from
  • R.S.V.P.
  • If you would like children present or not
  • Parking details if necessary
  • If it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding
  • If it is accessible for wheelchairs, just in case
  • If you would like a hashtag free wedding or not, and if you wouldn’t mind, then you can include your wedding hashtag in here
  • Contact information

Our Recommended Wedding Website Platforms:

Though wedding websites are easy to utilise and can even be viewed as cost-effective for couples, we believe that wedding invitation suites and save the dates are luxurious, elegant and unique. We also love that you are able to pick and choose any design that you would like, and not be limited to only a few select options, that comes with some wedding website platforms. So we encourage you darlings to consider both options for your Destination Wedding and ofcourse have loads of fun designing your dream Destination Wedding Invitation Suite!


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