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Ok, so today’s article is quite delicate for me, since for my own wedding, my husband and I decided against hiring a wedding cinematographer.

Unfortunately, at that time my husband and I didn’t see the need, and chose to invest in other aspects that we thought were more special to us, and as such lost out on this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity.

Sadly, it turned out to be one of the worst decisions that we could have possibly made.

A bit dramatic? I know, but you will understand why when you read more below.

Now, before I dive right into the topic, I just wanted to point out to each and every one of you, that choosing a wedding photographer, cinematographer, planner or any vendor for that matter for your wedding, is a really personal decision that only you and your fiancé can make.

In no way am I here to tell you whom you should hire for your wedding day, because that’s entirely up to you. But I will say this, we live in a time where videography and cinematography is something that is not only encouraged for events, but is actually possible, and should not be taken for granted. We are given the opportunity to capture dear memories that we could always look back on and cherish, and that’s something that cannot be replaced.

Just think about it.

So here are our top five reasons why you NEED to have a wedding film for your wedding day:

  1. Your film will be able to capture those precious moments that you may have never even noticed on the day. With all the excitement and anxiety that comes with the experience, you may not have realized when your father was looking lovingly at you while he was handing you over to your handsome groom; when your husband was smiling ever so sweetly at his mother during the mother son dance; the anticipation in the waiting room while you were getting your hair and makeup done. A wedding film or video allows you to see all of those little things that you may have really wanted to, but didn’t get an opportunity to on the day.
  2. Special events such as these bring your loved ones from near and far together for just one day, and it should be treasured. Unfortunately, a day will come when some of these family members, or close friends may not be in your lives anymore, and it would be amazing to have the ability to look back on the film that was taken and connect with them, if just for a few minutes. Just to remember how special they were to you, and what it meant to have them there to share in that moment with you and your significant other. While wedding photos will capture this, the film will be able to capture their voices, their laughter, their smile and the joy they felt on that day watching you take such a significant step in your life.
  3. I am pretty confident that many parents and grandparents in the world wished they had the technology that we have today to have created a film for their day. Times have certainly changed, and we now have amazing equipment and talented, trained professionals to be able to record these special events for us. Some may think of it as an ordinary thing, but for others who never got the chance to do it, what they would have given to have that opportunity – we will never know.
  4. In keeping with the topic of technology, wedding cinematographers actually have the ability to provide a digital copy of your wedding for you. This will allow you to share your film with family and friends who may not have been able to attend your wedding on the day due to financial constraints, health concerns, or any other issue. You would also be able to share it on Social Media to make it easier for them or anyone to view, if you so wish. How fabulous is that?
  5. Although the thought of children may not yet be in your radar, imagine how amazing it would be to one day sit together in your living room with a bowl of popcorn, and reminisce on the remarkable time that you had on your wedding day with everyone. They would get to see how beautiful their mother looked in her classic ball gown dress with matching fingertip veil, or how handsome their father looked in his Italian cut black suit.

Have we swayed you to hire a wedding cinematographer as yet? We think we may have!

But here’s some more information to take note of also:

  • Choose an exceptional wedding cinematographer that knows what he or she is about. That is experienced in the field, and is passionate about their craft.
  • Always check their reviews –whether through our preferred list of wedding videographers/cinematographers on Adriana Weddings, social media, or even on their own website. Reviews from past couples are essential in making any final decision on which company you will choose.
  • Please do not make cost the only determining factor. Arrange consultations, and then make a decision. Remember that this day will be one of the most (if not the most) special days of your life, so you won’t want to skimp on any of the finer details like these.
  • Choose a style that you love and stick with it. If you’re into vintage then choose a cinematographer whose style speaks to you, and makes you want to cry. If you love modern, then pick a company who has a modern flair and captures it brilliantly. Choose what you and your significant other want, and stand firm in your decision.
  • During each consultation, ensure that you check their package offerings, payment options, terms and conditions, and expected delivery time.
  • Have endless fun in the process, as you will eventually choose an outstanding wedding cinematographer who you will adore!

So to help inspire you a bit, here are a couple of our favourites. You can find these companies on our luxury-wedding network now 😉



Header Image: Jane Decle Photography

Photography: Christina Ysaguirre Photography | Rebecca Davidson Photography | NWP Caribbean.

Videography/Cinematography: Rink Concepts Wedding Films | Rize Above Productions | Celeste & Reece.

All of these vendors are members of our beautiful Wedding Directory!

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