There is no denying that social media is an AMAZING starting point for destination wedding inspiration. We’re obsessed with Instagram, Facebook and especially Pinterest. Pinterest is life. So, in light of this, we thought we’d round up a few of our favourite destination wedding photographers catering to our neck of the woods – Trinidad & Tobago!

Now before we get started, it must be said that there are hundreds of amazing wedding photographers in Trinidad & Tobago with social media pages full to the brim with gorgeous inspiration for your wedding day. Just check out #trinidadweddingphotographer on Instagram and you will see for yourself. It’s pretty wild.

But, today we’re going to put mention to a few special ones that have either caught our eye recently or have been making a HUGE impact in our space.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s get into the fun! From authentic raw captures and dark and moody romance, to photojournalistic styling and all that glam…we’ve got it all. We’ll be including their websites and Instagram handles so get ready to hit save on this baby because it’s going to be good!

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Celeste and Reece are a husband and wife team with a real love for photography and film making.
They capture intimate elopements, casual beach weddings, elegant and formal events, big multiple day weddings, destination weddings and traditional church weddings.
They are international award winning photographers and have been published but the biggest compliment that they receive is making their clients happy.

Please see their Specials for Elopements & Intimate Weddings!


Jane lives in Toronto, Canada but is an ‘island gal’ from the sweet island of Trinidad.

She has lived in 4 different countries throughout her life. She loves to travel and tries to visit a different country every year.

Things she loves: coffee, the beach, wine, rainy mornings, lavender anything.

She started shooting weddings in black and white film in university. She found her passion in the darkroom and, though she shoots digital now, the magic of film is really what got her hooked.  She is mostly a natural light shooter – unobtrusive and authentic is her style.

Check out her exquisite portfolio here!


Kyle is one of a kind. The first thing you’ll notice is his height. He’s six feet, three inches tall and towers over most wedding professionals in the industry haha! He is an uncle, avid coffee lover and emergency selfie stick. He is a bit of an introverted guy, but anything from photography, to weddings, to coffee can get him going.

His photographs are so romantic and touching, and will captivate you the moment you see them.

Check out his website here and get in touch with him for your special day!


Jagdish is a reportage styled photographer. He strives to create pure and authentic memories through his imagery. His photos tell the story of your wedding day. They bring back memories of love, joy, intimacy, family and most of all, the human connection you share with everyone you chose to share that special day with.

So if your wedding is at the destination you’ve always dreamed of, or if its at an intimate setting that you’ll forever treasure in your heart, he would truly be honoured if he could get to walk a few steps along the way with you.

Start your connection with Jagdish here!


Rajiv is a Trinidad and Tobago based Reportage / Fine Art Wedding Photographer.
Photography was always a huge part of his life. He was always that annoying friend who took his camera everywhere. Now he is so thankful for being able to use his love for capturing emotions in a way that brings value to so many. He loves every moment spent with a camera in his hands, and he loves meeting new people and being lucky enough to witness and share in their love stories.
It is all about movement. It is all about feeling. He always says weddings are magical. They are real life fairytales. And who doesn’t want to surround themselves in fairytales?

Join his love stories here! 


If you feel like every single photograph from your special day should be frame worthy, then Julie is the one for you! Julie specialises in capturing unique romantic moments that take your breath away, and we promise that she accomplishes this every time. She goes out of her way to ensure that you feel gorgeous and comfortable on your wedding day, and pays attention to every single detail that you won’t want to miss.

Check out her page now for more details! 


Sam is a conservative bohemian with a healthy addiction to salty margaritas and Stevie Nicks. She’s a curious, deep thinker who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She’s most importantly, always dancing.

She has always been a story teller in one way or another. Her passion for photography was discovered at an extremely young age. She loved digging through her grandparents’ old photo albums, or staring up at the galleries on the wall. Their parents’ wedding photos, photos of them as children – it absolutely fascinated her.

She was always that girl who took her camera everywhere, made her friends dress up for “photo shoots”, took pictures of everything. Over the years, her style of photography has ebbed and flowed, she’s always growing and evolving. But she has always had the same intention, to capture the big moments of life and all the mess in between – for lovers and dreamers, just like her.

Check out her website here!


Amber is an easy going type of girl, nature lover, and obsessed with travel. She would look through her dad’s National Geographic mags all the time but never thought she would be a photographer.

She loved taking pictures with a disposable camera growing up but didn’t realize that it was her calling to be a wedding photographer. That was until she photographed her very first wedding, and that was it! She realized that the art, the story, and the connections FAR exceeded any stress of shooting a wedding. And she wanted to shoot them all.

Find out more about Amber here! 


Yaisa Tangwell Photography is based in Trinidad & Tobago and is led by Marcus and Yaisa, a husband and wife team.

Once a family of an accountant and IT consultant, their lives changed with the birth of their son, their passion for life took over. Photography being an instrument for capturing life, moments and making memories became their profession.

Specializing in wedding photography and with a team of photographers, they are passionate about preserving your memories with an infusion of styles and are always trying to push the envelope in attaining mind blowing imagery. They have a traditional, artistic and modern approach to photography.

Get in touch and find out more about their services here!



 Adatto Weddings is run by one of our dearest friends and clients Mr. Sieyon Lee Tung. His purpose is to artfully document your diverse history by offering consistently high-quality products and a luxury client experience.
He is so much fun to work, very professional and knows how to make you feel extremely comfortable on your special day. He is so excited to meet you!

Check out his Company profile here to book his services.


With just over ten years of experience, Cheers has been providing Professional Photography Services committing to capturing the greatest of life’s moments. Their images are elegant, clear, creative and heart felt.

Hadassah is the driving force behind this incredible brand. Wedding Photography is more than just a job for her. It’s a passion! She applauds the momentous decision that a couple takes and for her it’s a sacred responsibility and a great honour to capture the heart and soul of your wedding.

Find out more about her services here!

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