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Don't Add Your Own Plus One

As discussed here, wedding guest planning is already a pretty gruelling process for most lovely couples, so let’s try to make their lives easier by not inviting any and everyone to their wedding. Chances are if you received an invitation with JUST your name on it, it’s meant for you and you alone. Though they would have loved to invite more persons, every couple has their budget to stick to and you being the best guest ever should definitely try to be considerate of that. Right?

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Don't Assume that Your Kids Are Invited

A touchy subject for most, but necessary to note.

We know that finding a sitter sometimes could be a challenge, but it is vital to note (as previously mentioned) that bringing your child could also be counted as your plus one…or two. We still adore them, but unless stated by the couple, please leave the little tykes home.

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Try To Be Early

Being present at a wedding is cherished and recognised. And not just present in terms of actually showing up on the day, but showing up, being early and experiencing each precious moment with the loving couple about to seal the deal. Something to take note of we think.

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Pay Attention To The Dress Code

Traditionally, a formal type of dress code was understood at weddings. No matter what location or time of year, you knew that you had to go shopping for an elegantly formal dress and that your hubby had to dress in his best suit. But as time progressed, and fashion, trends, and most importantly technology evolved, tradition changed somewhat and now you can find women attending weddings in a casual yet chic outfit that will still be appropriate and cute. Whatever you decide, just remember to respect the couple, especially if a dress code is given.

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Don't Become The Couple's New Photographer

Guests sometimes tend to get carried away when a couple finally says their “I do’s” and are walking down the aisle, correct? You immediately find yourself turning into this psychotic photographer snapping pictures from every angle to try to capture every second of the beauty before you, and guess what… it’s ok. We understand.

But, frantically jumping in front of the actual professional to get your iPhone shot in may not be the best idea, especially if the bride and groom see you in action!

Key Takeaway: Let the professional do his/ her job. You are a guest, so please do take pictures to save the memories but not at the expense of your friendship with the happy couple, since all of their professional shots may end up having a third wheel.

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Keep it Offline Unless the Couple Says Otherwise

Simply put: Do not post any pictures of the couple unless they say so. Some couples are all for social media, and may even create their own personalised hashtag for the big day. While others may not be so eager, and would prefer for their wedding to be personal and private.

Whatever the case darlings, respect their wishes and follow suit.

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Do Keep Your Speech Under 3 Minutes

*Phew* Here comes the three hour long speeches! Ladies & Gentlemen, please heed our beautiful words and keep your speeches short and sweet. Attending a wedding where the groom faints due to hunger is not fun, and ends up being a real drag for the newlyweds.

Some advice: If you choose to open the floor for anyone to speak, ensure that you’ve either eaten before or will be eating during the speeches. Trust us.

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Please Don't Drink Too Much

Having a few cups to celebrate the special day is definitely allowed. Drinking out 5 bottles by yourself, not so much. Keep it clean darlings.

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Please be Responsible & Considerate of the Venue & Rental Items

All too often, you go to a wedding reception and see guests leaving the party with centrepieces and other little trinkets that they mistakingly “thought” were gifts from the couple, and all too often you see rental deposits not being reimbursed because of it.

We know it is really difficult to simply walk away from a beautifully decorated table, but ladies and gents, please do. Oh! and please don’t forget the favour. Just the favour.

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Do Enjoy Yourself!

When its all said and done, you were invited to this wedding to have a time with your loved one(s), so please DO! Be a part of the festivities in every way. Drink, Eat, and be Merry as they say and never forget that some memories last forever, so please take note of the previous points sooner than later.

Hey friends! We would love to hear from you. What are some of wedding guest etiquette tips that you would suggest?


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