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Do you need Pinterest to help you plan your wedding day? Not necessarily. But can utilizing the platform in the right way help you in your wedding planning journey? Absolutely!

How to use Pinterest to help plan your destination wedding

Here are some important things to note:


  1. Pinterest has more than 150 million monthly active users and 40 million of them use Pinterest for wedding planning every year


This pretty much means that you are not the only doll in the world searching for some drop dead gorgeous inspiration to help her plan her wedding day, engagement shoot or bachelorette party. In fact there are actually thousands of brides to be and couples doing the very same thing as we speak, and you may think that this is a negative thing since OMG everyone is going to have the same type of wedding. But in reality, its actually pretty awesome, since this means that companies, brands and other wedding professionals WILL be showering you with awesome inspiration DAILY since they know that you are there…actively searching for it! Not only will you be able to gain access to the very best wedding ideas, but also to wedding blogs (for a possible feature…wink wink), wedding magazines AND to the top wedding vendors themselves. Ah mean…come on!


  1. 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest


Now you know how this goes. You see a crazy beautiful designer gown from one of your favorite Bridal designers and you lose your mind. You click a million times on the image of the dress hoping to God above that it takes you to a website where you can purchase the dress, because you HAVE to have it, and you’re in luck because yup… Pinterest has saved the day. In seconds, this robust platform has connected you with a bridal store where you can contact the store for a consultation, or better yet purchase your dream dress ONLINE! It is real people, and deserves all praise. Any guilty shoppers please raise your hand…(haha) Ps. You’re so not alone.


  1. 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline


Just when you thought in-store shopping was dead…here comes another awesome perk from Pinterest the great.


  1. Per year, Pinners save nearly 900 million pins about weddings


WOW…did we just write 900 million! Ok guys…you are seriously in love with Pinterest and we are so excited about that! It truly is one of the best search engines out there. Yes, we said search…we will explain later.


  1. 81% of Engaged pinners start planning on Pinterest before they’re even engaged. (Social media today)


HA! This is so true, and we cannot deny that we were also a part of this. Pinning is just too much fun, and OMG to those Galia Lahav gowns, or David’s Bridal bridesmaid dresses. Yes…we pinned them all.

So, now that we’ve laid out a few integral points, let’s get down to the really good stuff!

The potential for gaining access to the top wedding brands and professionals via Pinterest is enormous.

Our 6 key Pinterest strategies for brides to be are meant for active users, who have already created at least 5 boards with 20 pins in each of them (hopefully much more if you’re a big fan like us).

Just in case you need a little help with your account setup or pinning and board creations, please do not hesitate to CONTACT us. We’re always happy to help out our amazing brides.

How to use Pinterest to help plan your destination wedding

Trust in yourself, and make your wedding a reflection of you and your significant other. It’s so easy for brides to be to get so caught up in the “what’s trending” section of life, that they forget to embrace their own personal style and have fun with it. This day is an opportunity for you to be YOU, so take full advantage of it, and don’t get carried away with what you may see on Pinterest. The platform is meant to inspire, so let it do its job.

How to use Pinterest to help plan your destination wedding

By “guests”, we don’t actually mean guests who will be attending the wedding, but instead, your wedding planner, and bridal party. Include them in your journey, and create boards for each category, which you can share with them. In this way, they can all see the direction that you would like to go in, and be able to advise or assist in any way that they can to make the decision making process easier for you. Remember to not get overwhelmed with it all, but to get excited and inspired by all the possibilities.

How to use Pinterest to help plan your destination wedding

Keeping your ideas “private” is truly a personal decision. You want to feel free to pin as much as you would like and not have to think for one moment if another bride to be out there could be stalking your feed for some of your amazing ideas. Now in as much as sharing is caring, when it comes to your wedding day, maybe this concept shouldn’t apply. HA! It’s a bit tricky, but once you feel comfortable enough, point #2 could definitely step in here.

How to use Pinterest to help plan your destination wedding

Now, if its one thing that absolutely thrills us, it’s Styled Shoots. Not only are they outstanding sources of inspiration for any type of event, but they also encourage wedding professionals to step out of their comfort zones and create magic! However, and this is VITAL for all of you lovebirds out there who send Pinterest shots to wedding professionals on a daily basis, requesting the EXACT setup – in most cases, these shoots cannot be replicated. Now we know that this may seem a bit counterproductive, but the reality is that some of the items that may have been utilized in the shoot may:

  • Not be available in certain countries for rent or purchase
  • Be extremely expensive
  • Have been created for just the shoot, and is not an actual linen or décor item that exists in stores for rent or purchase.

Taking these details into consideration when pinning is difficult but vital when meeting with your wedding planner or decorator.

*Tip: Be ahead of the game. Know that these issues may exist, and instead opt for décor, etc, that may be similar and not exact. You will make everyone happy in the process, and in turn even allow a significant amount of creativity to step in for your chosen wedding day team.

How to use Pinterest to help plan your destination wedding

Editing all of your curated boards helps SO MUCH when that time is drawing nearer to the big day. It actually feels amazing when you do begin to figure out exactly what it is that you are looking for, and makes the process so much more fun at this point. We suggest taking a look through each of your boards, one by one, and start deleting the pins that you know with absolute certainty will not be utilized. If you want, you could even send those liked pins to other public boards to help inspire other brides to be who may be following you. Since you would already be pretty organized at this point, you can share the love! 🙂

How to use Pinterest to help plan your destination wedding

Yes, that time has come. Once you’ve narrowed down all of your categories, and your wedding planner and bridal party are fully on board, it’s time to step back and let the actual planning begin. We know how tough this will be, but it will be so helpful for you in the long run…trust us. If you stay on, you will end up seeing new ideas, inspiration, dresses, shoes, décor items that you MUST have (all of a sudden), etc. Are we suggesting to stop pinning entirely? Of course not. You are 100% free to have fun, and look at other categories such as home supplies and décor, family, fashion and any other area that may excite you and keep your mind busy! Trust that sometimes it can be seriously overwhelming if you don’t step back, and may end up doing more harm than good. Food for thought

How to use Pinterest to help plan your destination wedding
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