Get ready lovely people because we’ve got a great one for you today! Now as we all know, one of the most vital parts of the wedding planning process is not only choosing the dress of your dreams and having the best bachelorette party ever, but more importantly choosing the best wedding vendors possible for your big day!

It is a job that we, as Adriana Wed editors, take very seriously and we say “job” because that’s exactly what it is, without the worry and stress of course. But finding the perfect team is not for the faint of heart, and that’s why we touched base with some of our preferred wedding brands to get the inside scoop on what you NEED to know when you’re on the hunt. Check it out below!

1. " All that glitters, isn't Gold"

“All that glitters, isn’t gold.” It’s important to understand that what you may see on Facebook, Pinterest or any other Social Media network may not be as glamorous as you think. As brides, you may look at these gorgeous images and think, “Oh my gosh, I must have this exact decor, cake, venue layout”, etc. but in reality I would advise to truly do intensive research into each vendor that you may be interested in, and not just choose them based on price or package.” K’ron Clarke, Gasp!! Events Ltd.

2. Don't be afraid to say it twice!

“Take careful note of every item on your wish list, and communicate this clearly to your wedding planner. Things can get muffled in conversations, so it’s vital to ensure that both you and your wedding vendors are on the same page with regard to your wants and needs for the day. If you need to email, call, or even meet again to ease your mind, then do it because you won’t want to regret it on the day.” Elisa Clarke, Adriana Weddings Media.

3. Put things in Writing

“Probably the most important point of them all, and something that I stress to all of my brides, “Please put everything in writing!” Many vendors may indicate in conversations that there is no need for a downpayment until closer to the date, but pay no mind to this, and try to make a downpayment as soon as possible to seal the deal. Never rely on word of mouth confirmations and get signed contracts instead from vendors, as things can easily be forgotten. ” Nikki Hilaire-Roach, Weddings with Flair.

4. Get References

“Contact references to get an idea of not just the finished product, but the interaction that the vendor had with their past clients. It’s one thing to have a beautiful finished product (as can be seen in images), but another to have to spend months on end trying to work with a vendor who is either too busy and disorganised, or a bit rude and unpleasant. You will want to enjoy every bit of the planning process, so certainly ask around.” Nikki Hilaire-Roach, Weddings with Flair.

5. Trust is Key

Trust is something that is not easily earned, but in this case, is something that is so integral to the process. Once you’ve done your thorough research by using our Wedding Brand Listing *wink wink* and other means, narrowed down your search and chosen your team, the rest is history. “Trust in these wedding professionals who have been creating magic for years, and have loved every second of it. Focus on your personal must haves, communicate clearly and rest assured that your day will be just as amazing as you always hoped it would be.” Brian Pantin, Abfab Events Ltd.

Hey friends! Now we would love to hear from you. What did you think about the tips from the experts? What experiences have you have with choosing wedding vendors?


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