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If you are looking for video, but don’t know what to go for, maybe we can help with your decision process.
A Cinematic Wedding is a storytelling film. Whether the storyteller tells your story through images or the mix of speeches, images, and music. The film is shot very differently where the Cinematographer will more than likely shoot in short clips. Why the short clips you ask? It’s because they are shooting to tell a story, not just document every single minute of your wedding day. Our aim is to be much more than point and shoot to get bare essentials.
To emit the same level of creativity used by you,  who take such care down to that last detail. Each clip, specially tailored, angled and speaks to that moment of time that can only be captured in a way that when seen again, YOU ARE THERE!
We hope this information helped you on the hunt for the style of video you are going for! Just remember one thing, a storytelling film lasts forever, and if it’s epic, you can play it over and over and over and never get bored with it. It’s something that we strive for everyday! To ensure our clients have a beautiful and emotional story!
Suit: Stefano's/ Stephenson's | Designer Corset: Van der Lugt | Designer Pants: Adrian Foster
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I chose Rink Concepts Wedding Films for my wedding reception, which was held on December 10, 2016. I was privileged enough to see the team at Rink Concepts in action at my brother’s wedding earlier this year. I literally did not do any research on any other provider because I was really impressed by your team, your delivery and your personalities. Having my own interactions with Leon made me feel confident in my choice.
Leon, his wife and the other team member were very easy going and easy to work with. Your personalities made us feel comfortable, I don’t think there was a single moment we felt tense.
You arrived way before time at our homes, you worked with whatever resources we had, without complain or fuss, and we are very grateful for that.
At the venue you cooperated with our photographer and you both worked well together making it very easy for Chris and I; We felt relaxed.
You maintained your easy-going personality through out the night and I am positive that our video will be sensational.
I must say a special thank you for walking back to the venue during our shoot to get my ‘flats’ lol, don’t think it went unnoticed.
May God bless you both and your team. May you continue to be the simple, humble and easy-going people that you are. Keep up the great work.
From a very satisfied couple.