Welcome Everyone to Day 2 of our Newly- Engaged Series!

So you’ve made it to Day 2, and we hope that you have your pen and paper ready for more awesome wedding planning tips! It’s an exciting time, and life will definitely get in the way throughout the process, but keeping up with each step, (one a time) and putting things into action is key. So, are you ready for more? Let’s move on to three more integral steps to get you fully prepared after your fiancé has popped the question!

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Now trust us when we say that you are going to have a tough time with this step, especially if you are the most popular person on the planet. Though being a social butterfly has its awesome points, around wedding planning time, it’s the worst. Here’s what we suggest:

  1. List everyone (on both sides) that you would like to invite. Include the entire family, close friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, etc. You get the picture here.
  2. Take a moment and breathe.
  3. Get back into it, and begin crossing out all of the individuals who you know you truly aren’t that close to and who may not need to be a part of this very special day. You still adore them all, but this soiree is just a bit more personal.
  4. Inviting girlfriends and boyfriends, etc., is a tricky one, but we always suggest inviting them once you have either previously met them, or if your budget can accommodate the extra person. If neither of these options work, then it may be time to reconsider these people.
  5. Husbands and wives are a must; so don’t even think about it. Good try though!
  6. Children are also quite touchy, but at the end of the day it is your wedding so it is entirely up to you. If your wish is to have a small and intimate wedding then just ensure that you indicate this clearly in your invitation. Be respectful and kind, but make it known to all guests what your wishes are.
  7. Focus on those who you’ve been in contact with for at least a year and a half prior to your official engagement. If you would be interested in inviting a good family friend who you’ve known for your entire life, but may not have interacted with in five years or more, then maybe he or she may need to sit this one out. Once you’re parents are in agreement, then move accordingly.
  8. Allow your parents to invite a few guests, once they are contributing to the wedding, or if your budget allows for it. The key point here is to not allow them to invite their schoolmate Mary from way back when, but more so to invite their close friends who they interact with often.

Starting your guest list and knowing your potential guest list from early is on imperative, as it will lay the groundwork for every other aspect of your wedding.

Remember that at this point, nothing will be set in stone, but it is still essential to get an idea of what you may be working with to be able to communicate it to your chosen venue and wedding professionals moving forward.

As the time draws nearer to the day, you will find yourself cutting numbers like there was no tomorrow just to ensure that your budget is maintained, and that you’re inviting those persons who truly mean the most to you.

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Photo: Wedding Day Story


Vintage, modern, eclectic, boho, glam, rustic, rock…the list goes on and on for potential styles to choose from. Overwhelming right?

With so many options available, you may think to yourself, how in the world am I going to choose just one theme to go with? And the answer is actually pretty simple – look at your personal style.

If you’re the kind of girl or couple who love the grunge look, go to rock concerts and have a shelf packed with Metallica, then you know that the “rock” wedding style/ theme is probably for you, and that’s awesome! Or if you’re more into greenery and neutral tones, then maybe a more rustic/ boho theme would work for your wedding day.

It’s really that simple.

Focus on what you love, whether it be certain colours, style of clothing, music, or any other aspect of your life that really gets you going and you will find the perfect theme for you.

After choosing this, it will be so much easier to make decisions on a few other big details such as your venue, chosen decorator and even photographer for the day.

Photo: Lyndah Wells Photography


So at this point, you’ve covered some MAJOR steps and the best part is that you haven’t even left home yet to accomplish any of these points! How fantastic is that?

The foundation has been set, and you’re now ready to begin checking out your venue options. Now if you’re thinking of having a wedding within your Caribbean country, then that’s great. It will be that much easier for you to get in touch with a few venues and find out if any of your chosen dates (3 options) are available. Once it’s a go, you can arrange tours with these venues, and find out for yourself what would work best with your budget, guest list and theme.

If you’re dreaming of a little destination wedding bliss to another island however, then we would advise doing a little research first on Adriana Weddings (wink); social media; or even Google for venues. You can also get in touch with some of the top wedding planners in that particular country to assist you with your wedding planning since it will be a little more challenging to plan and execute from thousands of miles away.

PlayaWeddings for www.adrianaweddings, Cancun
Photo: PlayaWeddings

Once you’ve completed these next three steps, you only have a few details left to cover, which we will put to mention and explain on Friday!

Until next time, Happy Planning darlings!


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