Having spent the past six months drooling over the most breathtaking decor, linens, hairstyles, wedding dresses and couples, we decided that it was time to round up our top picks for 2016 and share how much beauty there truly is in the destination wedding space!

Our love of weddings & marriage (of course) has grown immensely over the past few months, and though we are not “fans of faves”, (since we simply adore each and every one of our darling vendors and couples), we decided to have a special feature just for you!

If you’ve been following along with us from the very beginning, you would have a pretty good idea of how cool obsessed we are with decor and linen design, specifically that of a rustic, boho, or minimalistic nature. And luckily for us, two of our nearest and dearest decor & linen design wedding brands have come together today to share their top ten wedding day decor trends that dominated 2016! *yay*

So, take a peek and enjoy these amazing weddings (in no particular order) from none other than Abfab Events Ltd. and Gasp!! Events Ltd.

The Sequin Goddess

Trust us when we say that this rustic/boho inspired wedding stole the show for 2016. With just a touch of gold sequin shimmer for the cake table, and an arch dreamed up by the bride and our lovely team, we couldn’t help but feel the outpouring of love from our clients and followers. Sequin was and is definitely IN!

The Burlap Love

A little rustic love goes a long way in the world of luxury Caribbean weddings, and we are absolutely adoring it! From the hint of tiffany blue in the napkins to the burlap runner gracing the tablescape, this gem right here made its way onto our top 10 list with pure ease. Absolutely fabulous right?

The Double Dose of Colour

Not only was this wedding gorgeous, but the fun colour combination was pure magic. Combining the rich colour palette of bright purple with the blossoming apple green, made for an unforgettable AND dreamy setting. One that we can’t stop believing that we actually created! This double dose of colour was a fan favourite and you could see why 😉

The Twins

Some quiver at the thought of blue on blue, but as can be seen in the image above, it is a sure WINNER! When we saw this pretty number and were taking our final pictures, our eyes were consumed with the bold and beautiful blue that shone so bright on each table. As we said at the end, “if we thought that we had loved the colour blue before, no… in fact, we were actually obsessed.” Love is an understatement with this tablescape, and how lovely are those napkins that we made into little bow ties?!

The Shantung Obsession

Though Shantung has always been a favourite of ours (when it comes to material and texture), the utterly fabulous “Darling Shantung Collection” is by far the most breathtaking collection that we have ever created. We just can’t get enough, and you won’t be able to resist either… we promise. The material is extremely rich and classy, and will add such a luxurious feel to your event, with the shimmer bonus.

The Intimate Moment

When we were gathering our favourite picks from 2016, there was one particular event that every single member of the team HAD to include, and it was this baby right here. With just one look at this stunner, you could definitely see why. This intimate soiree was one that touched so many hearts, and as such will always be near and dear to both our teams.

The Lantern Accessory

It began with bright white patterned round tablecloths, and ended with antique lanterns, gold vases, and a dash of pink and turquoise to make us weak at the knees. How stylish…and inspiring! We had so much fun designing this table scape, and making the couple smile from ear to ear. If it’s one trend that we know that brides loved and will love for years to come, it’s the “Lantern” accessory, and thank God for that because we simply cherish it.

The Square Table Difference

Not often do we get to create square table scapes, but when we do, we MAJORLY swoon. This dreamy decor left us in a pink state of mind thanks to a soft, pink palette, the beautiful Caribbean sunshine, and a team of wedding professionals that we were so honoured to work with for this wedding at The Anchorage.

The Pop of Colour

We said it before and we will say it again…Beach themed weddings will always hold a special place in our wedding obsessed lives, and you never need ask why. It was such a big year for beach inspired weddings, and we were delighted at the sight! There was such a bold pop of colour in the napkins that your eyes couldn’t help but gravitate toward them, and this is a trend that we certainly endorsed with our 2016 brides. Just look at what a difference it made! *stunning*

The Classic Black & White

The classic Black & White never goes out of style, but why not switch things up a bit by adding a chic and modern black & white striped napkin to the mix? Though simplistic in design, this Tobago wedding was by far one of our favourites as it captured the unique elements and characteristics of the couple in the centrepiece display, and still maintained a soft, elegant touch. Love. Love. Love.

How beautiful was that?! Special thanks to Abfab Events Ltd. and Gasp!! Events Ltd. for sharing their top 10 trends for 2016 with all of us. We enjoyed this so much, and can’t wait to see what these two Adriana Wed brands have in store for 2017.


Abfab Events Ltd. & Gasp!! Events Ltd. are both beautiful members of our Wedding Directory

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