“Not every bride who chooses to get married in the tropics wants to get married on the beach.” Sandy Malone.

For years, there has been quite a bit of confusion with regard to people’s understanding of what a Caribbean destination wedding truly entails. So today we decided to shed some light on the situation, and provide some Caribbean venue inspiration – with a twist.

Now we know that a destination wedding in the Caribbean for most means having a “beach wedding”, since many associate the Caribbean with sun, sea and sand, so as Caribbean people we get it. And in a way, this can even be labelled as our fault seeing as many Caribbean countries only really advertise these key features of the island to attract international couples who may be seeking a different sort of experience for their wedding day. So, why not?

The truth is that many international couples do seek out this vacation- like experience, to get away from the traditional wedding of sorts, and also entertain their family and friends in an entirely new and exciting part of the world. It’s a fun and popular way to have a wedding and honeymoon all in one, and definitely cut cost which is what most brides look for as well when wedding planning.

But, what if you’re interested in having a garden themed wedding? Or maybe even an ocean view wedding without having your toes dipped in the sand?

And our answer to this is… Sure, why not? Why not have a rustic inspired garden wedding at a gorgeous venue such as Drew Manor in Trinidad? Or your ocean view wedding at the amazing Ohana Villa in Tobago? The options are endless, and even more so available to any couple seeking a unique Caribbean experience.

Not every bride will love the feeling of sandy toes, and blazing (yet beautiful) sun shining down on them and their guests during the official ceremony. It’s entirely up to you, and that’s it. Once you firmly and clearly express the type of wedding that you would like to have to your destination wedding planner in the Caribbean, then the rest is history. They will be able to put together a list of venues that will be able to cater to your every desire, and create an unimaginable experience that both you and your guests will cherish.

We know that it can be a gruelling process, so here’s a list some of our favourite non- beach inspired venues to help get you started:



Once a privately owned residence, this modern and luxurious estate has been labelled as one of the top wedding and event venues in Trinidad and Tobago. Located in the lush valley of Santa Cruz, there is a great deal that sets this place apart from the rest, including its golf carts to transport guests from its carpark to the venue; their amazing bridal room where the bride to be can relax in comfort before saying “I do”; and two separate spaces so you can have both your ceremony and reception all in one place.

It truly is a unique experience, one they like to call

The Drew Manor Experience.



A tropical house and an ocean view heaven rolled into one, Ohana Villa is the bespoke venue of your dreams. With both a rustic look on the inside and modern feel on the outside, this luxurious space offers couples the opportunity to bask in ultimate wedded bliss. There’s a stunning outdoor area (with cover), a living room area that opens up to the bay, and a pool for guests to enjoy once they aren’t mesmerised by the dramatic views across the ocean, as the owners describe it.


The Cloisters is one of the most breathtaking wedding venues that we have ever seen in the Caribbean. With views of Nassau Harbour, and the ocean just a bit yonder, this Bahamian spot has inspired many couples from around the world to host their dream destination wedding there. It is luxury beyond compare, and is definitely a unique space to have your wedding.

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