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So as a woman, we all know how this goes. You are heading out for a night on the town with your favourite girls, and you’re looking through your closet, ever so frantically, to try and find something fun and sexy to wear! You finally find the perfect little beige dress, and throw it on to realize that your underwear just doesn’t work at all, and makes your not so desirable parts bulge out for the world to see. You go crazy rummaging through your closet once again to come up empty handed, since every piece of underwear that you own has a strap! So what do you do?

Well, founder of Shibue Couture, Jenny Buettner experienced this same heartache when she couldn’t find an undergarment to complement her sleek silk gown when her sister was getting married. Due to this, the infamous “No-line strapless panty” was born, and has changed the very face of lingerie that we know today (thank God!).

For all those lovely brides-to-be who have been searching near and far for this magical product, and have thus far come up empty handed, we’ve got you covered today darling!

Not only has this luxurious brand made a statement in the United States with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Chrissy Teigen wearing their products as their undergarment of choice, but Shibue Couture has also expanded to Japan, Europe, U.K., South America and the Caribbean, and is making waves in the industry.

So you could just imagine our excitement when Ashelle Waddell – The Caribbean distributor for Shibue Couture, owner of Shibue Caribbean, reached out to us to showcase this amazing brand on our luxury wedding network. We were beyond thrilled, and KNOW that each of you will be running to the retailers such as Claudia Pegus (swoon) to purchase your very own for your special day!

Now there are many products under the Shibue Caribbean belt, but the signature product are the No-line Strapless panties, which are available in:

  • Classic (mocha, nude, black & blush)
  • Lace (black, white, red & blush, nude) and,
  • Sparkling (silver, pink, red & green)

All with matching nipple covers (of course).

They are based on your panty size, and range from size zero (0) to eighteen (18), which we think is outstanding, since we love and appreciate when clothing and lingerie come in a variety of sizes to cater to any and every woman.

What we absolutely cannot get enough also, is that all of their products are self-adhesive and allow you to hand wash and use them again! Each panty has a liner inside that is similar to wax proof paper, so that you can hand wash; hang them to dry; and re-use them for your next event. LOVE!

The upgrade to the nipple cover (mentioned previously) is the silicon concealer, which is packaged in a cute little carriage case so that you can put it into your handbag, and take with you or your maid of honour on the day. It has a sexy and smooth finish, and is perfect for the bride-to-be looking for a little more coverage and support.

If you’re a bra-loving girl, and are determined to have some more lift for those once in lifetime wedding pictures, then the full lift ups are definitely for you. These are also packaged in a carrying case, and are soft and durable, and most importantly water proof and reusable! Perfection…

The Shibue Caribbean instant breast lifts might be our favourite product of them all, since it’s worn in place of a bra! The silicone adhesive gives you comfort and lift all in one, and is the best undergarment for any silhouette that you choose for your wedding day. You can wear it in its teardrop form, or change its position based on the cut of your dress. It comes in AB, BC, CD, and could even accommodate larger than a D cup breast size, which is remarkable and rare.

Important things to note:

  • Is it not mandatory for you to be completely shaved to be able to wear the no-line strapless panty, but the shorter the hair the better.
  • No oil or lotion should be used before any of the products are worn. Dry skin is preferable for maximum effect.
  • Sweat is not a concern, as long as you keep the adhesive away from fabric, as the fabric will reduce the adhesiveness.

So what do you think? We know it may be a bit new and slightly uncomfortable for some, but if you are as obsessed with lingerie as we are, and are a little adventurous, then this will be the best product in the world for you to buy now.

We ourselves tried out the no-line strapless panty, and were simply amazed with the high level of comfort and ease that it brought, especially during an entire night full of fun and dancing! If you’re over the fence about utilizing it for your wedding day, then contact Ashelle at Shibue Caribbean now, and try them out. You won’t regret it, and neither will we, since you will become part of an elite group of Shibue Caribbean gems!


This post is brought to you by Shibue Caribbean – thank you for supporting the amazing brands that are the very essence of Adriana Weddings!

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