Hi darling! It’s a beautiful day and we are so ready to share this wonderful Proposal from Paris with you. Yes love, we said PARIS. With all that we are currently facing with this awful pandemic, it’s so nice to escape for a bit, so we hope that you fly away with us to share in Leah and Olabode’s love in France today. 

Special thank you to DO IT PARIS WAY for sharing this stunning proposal with us! 



We met in 2013 when we were sophomores at Auburn University. We had overlapping friend groups but hadn’t spent much time together before our first date. Leah is not usually one for nerves, but on the afternoon of our first date, she got so nervous that she made up in her mind she was going to call Olabode and say that she was too sick to go out with him. However, some of Leah’s close girlfriends (now bridesmaids) called Leah on her bluff and showed up at her house to pick out outfits and make sure she actually went on the date. Leah is sure glad they did.  After dinner, Olabode drove Leah 25 minutes one-way to get an ice cream from her favorite ice cream shop before it closed. We began officially dating a month later and frequent ice cream dates are still part of our relationship.


The heart of our relationship lies in us being both partners and best friends. We see each other as equals and prioritize supporting, serving and uplifting the other person. We also love spending quality time together. When the weather is nice, our ideal weekend includes riding bikes through the city and grabbing brunch. Leah’s favorite brunch item is chicken and waffles while Olabode’s go-to is french toast.


We have always talked about traveling the world together and have always had Paris on our radar, but hadn’t made the trip. So after Olabode was in the UK for work, he took a train from London and we decided to meet in Paris for a weekend. Little did Leah know, prior to our trip, and after asking her parents for their blessing, Olabode had been in contact with Leah’s closest girlfriends (whom he calls “The Proposal Posse”), who helped her pick out a dress for what she thought was going to be a fun, casual photo shoot in Paris. *Note from Leah – I know, I know, I probably should have got the hint, but I didn’t.

He was incredibly thoughtful and even messaged my boss, in the event I couldn’t get that Friday off of work! On the second day of our trip, our incredible photographer Helene picked us up with a driver, Tim, and began asking us about our story and how we met. When we arrived at the Trocadéro overlooking the Eiffel Tower, Helene said that she needed to check the lighting and asked us to move to a few different spots. Finally, she found the “perfect lighting” which was Olabode’s cue to propose.

As soon as Olabode started to rub Leah’s hands, she knew what was happening. He began to tell her how incredible the last few years had been and how excited he is to share many more together. We hugged, laughed, and after Olabode proposed, Leah turned around to see him standing behind her with 50 of the most beautiful roses she’d seen in her life.

Olabode even worked with Helene to drape the roses in a gold ribbon to match Leah’s gown. How thoughtful is he?! Just when Leah thought things couldn’t be any more perfect, Olabode surprised her with an engagement photo shoot around Paris and brunch overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Olabode has always been sweet and intentional, but this experience has truly been one of the most magical and memorable moments of our lives. We’re truly grateful The Lord has allowed us to find each other and ecstatic to grow old together.


We are obsessed with our ring designer, Lauren B. This might sound horrifying to some people, but we never ring shopped! A few years ago, Leah found a ring she loved on Lauren B’s Instagram account and knew it was the one. We knew we wanted a classic design that would stand the test of time, but with a modern twist. Olabode began talking to Lauren a year or so prior to the engagement, so it was only a matter of time before he made the big purchase.


We cannot wait to celebrate our big day with family and friends. Unfortunately, we had to change the wedding date because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but look forward to tying the knot in 2021. We are getting married in a beautiful Italian villa in the hills of Texas. The property is charming and full of lush greenery, big palm trees and rose garden. It’s an indoor-outdoor venue, so as long as the weather is nice (fingers crossed) we will have an outdoor ceremony and our guests will be able to spend time enjoying dinner overlooking the countryside and then head indoors to dance the night away.

Thank you so much to Leah and Olabode’s for sharing their dreamy destination proposal in France with us!

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Photography: DO IT PARIS WAY , Instagram Page | Wedding Dress: Jovani Fashion | Engagement Ring: Lauren B. | Groom Attire: Pronto Uomo | Flowers: Reflets Fleurs | Submitted via Two Bright Lights |

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