Kind Words From Our Clients

H & M | Couple Review

Elisa & Nikki, we don’t how to thank you guys. You did such a fabulous job. You both poured your hearts into this amazing wedding. 100 people in our family got to enjoy our wedding weekend because of you both. We love you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you!

K & D | Couple Review

We acquired the services of Adriana Weddings in 2017 to assist in the management of the décor and photography for our wedding.

Our intent was to have a small and intimate affair that was within budget, but still felt glamourous as if no expense was spared.  The initial discussions with K’ron and Elisa were very productive and assuring as they showed great enthusiasm and passion for our vision.  Their input always enhancing the design we intended for our big day.

Keeping in line with our budget they offered a package for photography with Naalri’s Photoplanet Ltd which allowed us to capture those precious moments in a way that was both stunning and captivating.

During the site visit of the space at Ortinola Estate, it was a very fun and informative meeting as they opened our eyes to the many possibilities of the space.

On our wedding day, we were utterly blown away by the transformation of the space based on their interpretation of our vision. Even with what we intended, Elisa and K’ron were able to create something that went beyond what was envisioned. The experience feeling surreal and almost fantastical for all in attendance.

When it comes to a wedding planning services Adriana Weddings truly exceeded our expectation and we can only anticipate that this level of service will be provided to all their clients.

K & D | Couple Review

One word if I had to describe Adriana Weddings…… AWESOME!!! ??

My husband and I before getting married decided to do an Engagement Shoot through Adriana Weddings, and the experience was unforgettable…truly felt the love and for someone who hates taking pictures….I would easily do it again. Truly enjoyed the experience. 10 STARS!

Van der Vlugt | Professional Review

Working with Elisa and her team from Adriana Weddings is always amazing! We always have a tremendous amount of fun working on editorials and weddings together and it is great bringing so many experienced professionals from various fields of fashion and the bridal industry to make magic. 

I am all bout making magic and it is just the best working with a company that understands the importance and contribution of every aspect for an excellent end result. I couldn’t recommend Adriana Weddings enough. She is a dear friend and colleague and I love working with her and her team. 

Lifetime Events by Jacqueline | Professional Review

I am so thankful and grateful to be a member of Adriana Weddings. The level of service provided by the CEO Elisa is unsurpassed. On the Adriana Weddings platform, you dont feel like just another vendor. It’s a community with amazing wedding professionals.

J & Z | Couple Review

Working with Adriana Weddings was a key factor in what turned out to be such an amazing, elegant and incident free event. Planning our wedding was refreshingly easy with Elisa and K’ron. They were proactive, responsive and supportive throughout the entire process. They went above and beyond and were excellent at navigating through any challenge that came up along the way. I would recommend their services to any couple planning their special day.

A & J | Couple Review

Adriana Weddings is the best! We gave them 1 month notice, with nothing organised. They not only pulled it off, but it was beautiful! Everything we wanted it to be. We took all her recommendations from location to photographer, cake artist, florist and more and they were all great! They were accommodating, professional, advised us when we needed it and honestly we wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Macknun Events | Professional Review

Elisa and her team from Adriana Weddings are awesome. They have great customer service, they are knowledgeable, professional and very efficient! Definitely the best in the business! Will continue to use this company for vendor recommendations and so much more. Thank you so much for everything that you have done thus far!!

Adatto Studios, Trinidad & Tobago wedding Photography

Adatto Studios | Professional Review

Elisa has been there for me and my business time and time again. Her knowledge of the wedding industry is one of the key reasons why I constantly bother her with ideas and questions. 🙂

Thank you from the bottom of my heart … thank you for your patience and guidance… thank you for the start you’ve given me with Adriana Weddings … thank you for being in my life and my business.

M & J | Adriana Weddings Featured Couple

Being featured on Adriana Weddings was an amazing experience. To have an avenue where you can share your experiences with other young couples preparing to tie the knot is a priceless thing, and if we can share little tie bits and gems about our wedding experience that would help others in planning theirs, then we are happy to do it. 

When we were searching online for weddings, it was really hard to find a website or resource that displayed and created gorgeous Caribbean weddings and Adriana Weddings website does just that. You are able to learn about wedding venues and vendors in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America that you never knew existed, and it makes wedding planning all the more easier. 

It’s the perfect destination wedding company for the modern bride!