“I know I have to venue for my wedding day, but where do I start?”

“How do I choose?”

“How do I know what to look for or what to even ask when I do visit these venues?”

We recently conducted a little survey, and these were some of the responses that we received from many brides when asked about what steps they were taking while searching for their wedding venue.

Lyndah Wells Photography

We were so surprised when we learnt that so many couples were confused and even overwhelmed by the venue search process, so today we’ve put together a list of questions and tips to help you along the way.


  • Could the venue hold both the Ceremony & Reception?
  • What is the venue capacity for the Ceremony?
  • What is the venue capacity for the Reception?
  • Does the venue have a preferred wedding vendor list?
  • Does the venue have parking for guests?
  • Does the venue have an event coordinator to assist throughout the process?
Boyko Studio Photography, Punta Cana


  • Is there a bridal room to get ready in?
  • Will you be able to facilitate a walk through on the day before the wedding?
  • What is the transportation like? Is it easy to get transportation to drop off guests at the venue or do they have to be hired?
  • Can the venue give you an example of a wedding day timeline?
  • What information is required from the venue from all of the vendors involved?
  • Are pop in visits allowed or only by reservation?


  • Does the venue have an event coordinator to assist with any issues on the day of the wedding?
  • Does the venue allow for any type of décor, or is this to be discussed and agreed upon prior to the wedding day?
  • Does the venue allow for loud music or will this have to be monitored?
  • Are fireworks/ lanterns/ sparklers allowed?
  • Are animals allowed?


  • Are there any contingencies in place in case of bad weather?
  • Is there an option to get married in a different spot in the venue?


  • Ensure that all wedding venue documentation is carefully read and agreed upon before signage.
  • Check all venue and rental costs as well.
  • Create a detailed Spreadsheet with at least five to ten venues that you may be interested in viewing.
  • Only take 2-3 people on each site visit with you, as to keep things focused and not too opinionated.
  • Go through each venue option with your wedding coordinator to get their advice on logistics and pricing based on your specifications. If you do not have a wedding coordinator, then ensure that you print out this list to take with you to every venue appointment.
  • Collect all venue documentation and keep in one place (eg. Folder, wedding planner book) to ensure that its easily accessible and well organized.

Now we’d love to hear from you guys! Did you use any of these questions when you were on the venue hunt? And most importantly, which one of these questions really helped you decide on your ideal wedding venue?


Picture #1: Lyndah Wells Photography (The Bahamas)

Picture #2: Boyko Studio Photography (Dominican Republic)

Picture #3: Rebecca Davidson Photography (Cayman Islands)

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