Let’s face it, we’ve been hit pretty hard by this pandemic. As wedding professionals, our services are not classified as “essential”, and as such our jobs and passions have been put on hold until further notice…


But, I write this not to be a downer at an already difficult time, but to shed some light on the current situation and show you that there are MANY things that you can do in the meantime to continue growing your already amazing brand.

I promise you that though times are tough at the moment, it will not always be this way. I promise you that though you may not be able to pick up your camera bag and head out, or pack your décor items and linens to go decorate someone’s special day, that one day soon…you will.

So, if you’re more than ready to dive into the fun and get creative, then grab a pen and paper and start taking some notes guys, because we’re going to be sharing some sound advice that you can definitely start working on from TODAY!

Wedding Planners

  • Offer free or paid one on one consultations for new couples seeking to get married at the end of 2020 and 2021.
  • Continue working with your current couples, and assist them online using FaceTime, Zoom, Whatsapp Chat, Facebook video chat, etc.
  • Create a private Facebook group for your current clients and other brides getting married in 2020/2021. You can use this to communicate directly to your ideal customers, hash out whatever issues they may have at the moment, and act as a source of comfort and peace. This will build like and trust for them, and will even encourage them to work with you when they are officially able to plan their special day
  • Create a beautiful welcome packet for your new potential customers and send it to them with a little box of chocolates. We love this idea from Megan Martin, and would definitely recommend it. This would not only entice these potential clients to work with you when they are able to choose a date, but would also bring immense joy at a time of incredible uncertainty.

Include the following in your welcome packet: Copy of your contract (with special pricing if you’d like, for couples getting married in 2020) | Thank you Card | Contact card (social media information, website address, phone number, etc) | Preferred Vendors Document (the wedding professionals that you work closely with and would highly recommend to your couples) | Something special from you (branded box of chocolates, a branded planner, etc). If you would like to find out more about this, you can check out this post from Megan Martin .

Wedding Photographers


  • Create a Youtube channel/ Instagram TV Series to teach other wedding photographers how to up their photography game. You can include your photography gear, tools that you use, your social media strategies, etc.
  • Do live videos on Instagram & Facebook. Host Q & A sessions and also discuss the behind the scenes of how you run your business and why couples would benefit greatly from working with you and your team
  • Offer Digital prints and wedding albums for your past clients and see who may be interested in receiving these gorgeous prints to beautify their homes
  • Consider creating a digital course, tool or product for wedding photographers. You can focus on editing, marketing, workflows, etc.
  • You can offer payment options for both your services (couples) and courses (wedding professionals). Instead of customers having to pay in full, you can provide payment plans for them. If you have courses, you can offer an option to pay 12 monthly payments
  • Create webinars discussing how to best serve your clients as a photographer during covid-19
  • Update your website/ blog with new weddings, engagements and other shoots that you have done over the past few months
  • Advertise your business online. Whether via social media ads, wedding blogs, google ads, etc. Get your business out there, grow your presence and help your customers find you!


  • Host online site visits/ walk-throughs of your venue on social media (Facebook & Instagram live). You can show the various spots where events take place on site, and other special areas that may not be very popular but could be perfect for a couple’s special day
  • Have meetings with potential couples via FaceTime, Whatsapp Video, Zoom, etc. to keep the communication going between both parties
  • Advertise past events at the venue on your website and social media. Get couples excited for the possibilities for their wedding day, once they book your venue
  • Create an elegant and concise digital and print guide for your venue, and send this to potential clients. This will not only set you apart from your competition, but will also keep your venue top of mind while they decide which venue would be best for them. *Remember that luxury brands go above and beyond for their clients. The focus is not on money, but on providing an exceptional, quality service and experience that the couple will NEVER forget. Your empathy and attention to your couples is what will separate you from others in the industry. *


  • Create a Youtube/ IGTV Series showing other florists how you create your exceptional arrangements, eg. bridal bouquets, boutonnières and floral centerpieces
  • Create an online course where you can take it one step further and actually teach new florists all about creating florals for weddings. You can also touch on marketing as a florist as well, and other areas that are often overlooked but are just as integral to running a floral business
  • If you still have access to flowers within your area, you can create small, elegant bridal bouquets and have them delivered to your current & potential brides to brighten their day. This will not only show how much you care about them, but also remind them that they will soon be walking down the aisle with a gorgeous bridal bouquet in their hands.

Cake Artists

  • Bake miniature versions of your current couples wedding cakes, and have them delivered to their doorstep
  • Offer cupcakes for people who have to celebrate their birthdays at home right now. You can have them delivered to their homes or ask them to pick them up to treat them for their special day
  • Create an online course teaching other cake artists how you do your lovely wedding cakes, etc.
  • Do Instagram Story posts showing the behind the scenes process on how you make a cake, cupcake, brownies, etc. You can help your community keep sane during this period by teaching them a new skill, and by also treating them to something sweet in the process.

Bridal Designers

  • Ask your past brides to put on their wedding dresses and take fun little videos about the design of their gowns, and how amazing it was working with you as their bridal designer. You can either post these separately, or compile them and create one lovely video to show on both your website and social media
  • Offer free bridal consultations for new brides on your website. You can add this link to your social media pages, and ask brides to contact you via your website to book their meetings. You can chat them with via video and even show them dresses that they may like for their wedding
  • Ask your team to throw on a few of your latest designs and strut their stuff. You can show off various styles and sizes and post these photos and videos on your social media pages for new brides.

Hair & Makeup Artists

  • Youtube is your best friend. Create your own Youtube channel and post tutorials on how to do make-up and hair styling for a date, a special event or your wedding day
  • Instagram Stories/ IGTV is a definite must also. You can take the same strategy and apply it here. Beauty is a HUGE area of interest globally, so dive right into the platform and have some fun with your brides and girls
  • Pinterest is a new place to shine. Create short, high-quality tutorials and post these on your website. Create video pins for these tutorials and post them on Pinterest to attract new clients and bring more visitors to your website
  • Though make-up is amazing, taking care of your skin is even more essential. So, post helpful articles on your blog all about the best products to use for various skin types, tutorials on how to apply those products, and why taking care of your skin is so important when using make-up
  • Jump into affiliate marketing. You use incredible products all the time, and recommend them to your couples on a regular basis, so why not earn some revenue while doing it? Try your hand at this revenue stream, and join affiliate programs for some of your favourite beauty brands.

We hope that you see these ideas as inspiration for your own wedding business. We encourage you to continue being creative, passionate about your customers and your work, and most importantly driven to keep moving forward. Get messy and have some fun coming up with even more ways to serve and diversify your income.

In everything, remember to focus on your customers and your audience. Continue to grow and and create things that help your couples through this period, and you will see the difference that it makes in you and your business in time to come.

If you’re not too sure where to start or you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything, then take a moment to breathe. Do not feel pressured to do anything that doesn’t feel right for you in this moment. And if you need a little boost, or some encouragement, then schedule a call with us, or email us at info@adrianaweddings.com. We’re here to help.

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