Finding the right team of people to make your dreams a reality is certainly no walk in the park. With so many amazing wedding professionals at your disposal, it could be a bit daunting, we would admit.

And if you just add in the very thought of having a destination wedding in a different country or state, then that’s when the anxiety truly begins. But with a little guidance from the experts, and a little bit of destination wedding love, it doesn’t have to be such a stressful process, and these tips below could definitely help you through.

1) Hire a Wedding Planner/ Wedding Planning Company

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When it comes to hiring a wedding planner, we always advise couples to look for wedding planners based in the actual country that they may be interested in having their wedding.

It’s one thing to hire one of the best wedding planners in your country or state, who may have been outstanding for your best friend’s wedding, but if this individual has never planned a wedding in your preferred destination, then this could be an issue.

Finding an individual who knows the country and its top venues and vendors is indispensable. If you’re considering hosting your wedding in the beautiful Caribbean, look no further.

Get in touch with the best destination wedding planners here.

2) Research, Research, Research…

The most important part of the puzzle to remember is to do your research before you make any final decisions on your location, and then vendors to suit that location.

Ensure that you have researched the cost associated with travelling to the Caribbean from your state or country, and then set your budget. If the cost is already cutting it close and may seem like a challenge, then consider getting in touch with a destination-wedding planner to help guide you.

3) Set a Budget

We always preach about the value of setting a budget for your wedding day, and it’s because this is everything when it comes to planning the wedding of your dreams. But when it pertains to destination wedding planning, this element is even more integral, and this is why:

  1. Destination weddings in the Caribbean are amazing and cost effective if done right. It has actually been confirmed that the Caribbean is the most popular location for destination weddings among U.S. citizens because of its availability, cost, and incredible wedding packages from Brides Magazine. As such, setting a possible budget from the very first meeting with your destination-wedding planner is key to ensure that you and your fiancé, along with your family and close friends will be able to attend.
  2. Setting a budget will be able to guide your decision-making when it comes to hiring your destination wedding vendors. Often you would find that couples search tirelessly for wedding professionals for their wedding day without really looking at the cost of their packages, to see if they would be able to afford them in the first place. If your budget is in place, then finding and hiring these professionals will be a breeze, because you would know exactly what you are looking for.

4) Meet with your vendors face to face or via the internet

As these wedding professionals will be either spending the entire day with you (aka. your photographer), or guiding you through the wedding planning for months prior to the big day (aka. your wedding planner), connection is key.

Schedule meet-ups with your wedding planner, decorator, or photographer on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to ensure that everyone is on the same page. As the months progress your wishes may change, so try to keep in contact with these wedding professionals to avoid any mishaps on the day.

Also, try to organize a couple visits to your Caribbean destination of choice. We know how hectic your schedule may be leading up to the day, but this will be vital, as you will want to visit your venue and meet with your vendors face to face if possible to bond.

5) Seal the deal

Contracts are so important in this procedure. After you have done the research, chosen your wedding planner, set your budget and confirmed your wedding vendors, it’s time to seal the deal with each of them.

If your wedding planner doesn’t arrange this documentation for you, then make sure that you get every little detail in writing…just in case.

Things to take note of:

  1. Ensure that you and your wedding planner have written details about both the drop off and pick-ups from each vendor.
  2. If the venue has been booked from the day before, let the wedding vendors know so that they can begin set up from earlier, even if this is not in writing. It will make it much easier for the decorator for example, if this is made possible.
  3. Be precise when making decisions, as this will affect how every detail of your wedding pans out.
  4. Invite as many individuals as both your budget and venue will allow, but be realistic about the cost and the fact that most may not be able to attend.
  5. Trust in your chosen team of wedding professionals. If you and your wedding planner have taken the time to select the very best that the island has to offer, then there is no need to fear.

We hope that you enjoyed this article everyone. If you did, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you are planning a destination wedding in the Caribbean, we would love to hear all about it! Please let us know how the process has been, and what advice you may have for other destination wed dreamers.

Till next time…Happy Planning!

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