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As one of the top destination wedding planners and designers in Tobago, Asha Mars has done it once again with the launch of her incredible new company, Intimate Tobago Weddings. 

As a full-service wedding planning company, Intimate Tobago Weddings specialises in marriage proposals, micro weddings, elopements and vow renewals in the capital of paradise, Tobago. This company is the sister company of Asha Mars Weddings and Events, which we all know and love! 

If you’re intrigued about finding out what exactly sparked Asha’s interest to dive into the wedding industry in the first place, and how she brings her divine creations to life, then check out our fantastic interview with her below. 

Asha Mars Weddings and Intimate Tobago Weddings for Luxury Destination Wedding network Adriana Weddings

1. Please tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in the wedding industry.

I love everything Jesus, living a godly life is top priority for me. I’m a wife and mother of two boys and when I’m not working I’m spending time with my family and friends. I’ve been in the wedding industry for 11 years and it started out with me thinking of planning baby and bridal showers since this was a hobby of mine while living in the United States.

The idea developed and I decided to pursue wedding planning. I became certified with Weddings Beautiful and quit my full time job two years into the business to do weddings full time. I remember having two clients at the time when one cancelled my service soon after quitting my job with Tobago House of Assembly. I took a leap of faith to do weddings full time as the idea of wedding planning was relatively new.

2. What inspired you to be a wedding planner?

I attended my first baby shower 17 years ago and became super excited about the details at the shower. I believe that the planning seed was sown at that moment as I was so fascinated, that I began planning baby and bridal showers for friends.

After returning to Tobago to live and being employed with the Tobago House of Assembly, I became very bored working for the government, the level of productivity was not what I was used to in the United States. It was at that point that I started thinking of doing showers again and after realizing a gap in the market for a full time wedding planner, I asked myself why not.

Asha Mars Weddings and Intimate Tobago Weddings for Luxury Destination Wedding network Adriana Weddings

3. How would you describe your style?

I’m a minimalist that’s obsessed with details so I’m super organized and very meticulous. Client experience is priority for me so delivering value is very important.

4. Tell us about your new exciting business!

Intimate Tobago Weddings is a full service company that specializes in marriage proposals, elopements, mini weddings, micro weddings and vow renewals in Tobago. In light of covid-19 and the borders being closed we were unable to execute weddings as most of our couples from Asha Mars Weddings and Events came from outside of Trinidad and Tobago. One month into lock down I started thinking of creating services for smaller weddings and the idea evolved, I realized I was targeting a different audience and needed a different message so I decided to launch a new line.

5. What makes your brand unique in the Destination Wedding space?

This line is a small niche and intimate weddings is what we specialize in. We are not generalists but experts so lots of research has gone into developing this brand. Client experience is priority in this brand so going over and beyond and paying attention to all the essential details makes us attractive.

Asha Mars Weddings and Intimate Tobago Weddings for Luxury Destination Wedding network Adriana Weddings

6. What is your favourite part about being a wedding planner?

Having the privilege of serving couples on such a memorable and important day of their life is so important to me. It’s bringing their vision to life after months of planning and looking at them and their guests enjoy the wedding experience on the day of the wedding that makes everything worthwhile.

Asha Mars Weddings and Intimate Tobago Weddings for Luxury Destination Wedding network Adriana Weddings

7. What are some tips for brides-to-be when searching for a wedding planner?

An initial consultation is super important to ensure that the wedding planner is the perfect fit for you, as you will be spending lots of time with that individual. It’s also important to know that the planner understands your vision so that you won’t be disappointed on the day of the wedding. Brides should definitely research a planner’s style prior to contacting them as each planner has a different style. Checking out reviews of that planner is very important also, as working with a professional who is reliable, trustworthy and credible, to name a few goes a long way.

Hiring a wedding planner is integral as a great wedding planner will save you stress and time. Planning a wedding is no walk in the park. While the images look glamorous on social media, a lot goes into the planning journey behind the scenes. An experienced wedding planner is very knowledgeable about the industry and has great industry relationships. They know the ins and outs so they save you costly mistakes that can be made once planning on your own. A great wedding planner is actually an investment and not an expense.

8. What can you look forward to with Intimate Tobago Weddings & Asha Mars Weddings?

Exceptional client experience, beautifully curated weddings and amazing guest experience. Your wedding will be memorable, seamless and it’s going to be talked about for years to come.

Asha Mars Weddings and Intimate Tobago Weddings for Luxury Destination Wedding network Adriana Weddings


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