Luvo Cinematography is a cinematography company based in Trinidad & Tobago, who is currently building their reputation as the go-to brand to capture the dreamiest light and the most love-filled moments. Here we go behind the scenes of this exceptional company to find out more about their art, and how it differs from other cinematographers within the wedding industry.

Many thanks to Mr. Shem Williams from Luvo Cinematography…

1. Please Introduce Yourself

From Engineering to cinematography, I believe I finally found my calling. When I’m behind the camera I feel like I’m utilizing all the creative gifts and technical ability that God gave me to produce works of art. We love to travel and to capture exciting and adventurous moments! Together with my beautiful wife, Dad and a couple colleagues we have lots of fun doing what we do!

2. Give a little description about your company and its success over the past few years.

Luvo Cinematography is a family company (yes, even my two year old gets in on the action at times!) and we provide cinematography and photography services that have a unique cinematic perspective. We specialize in short films such as weddings, music videos and commercials. Although we’re just about a year old we’re amazed by the amount of success we’ve had so far. It’s truly a blessing to have worked alongside the very best vendors in the business today.

3. How does your brand differ from other wedding cinematographers?

We don’t have competition! Only colleagues! We love to work together with other photographers as it gives us a chance to groom and to grow. However, we do spend a lot of time observing and understanding our couples.  We then spend even more time seeking to capture the essence of the couple and the very best of their day. No two couples are ever the same and so each of our pieces is a finely crafted unique product of the couple’s expressions interwoven with our unique perspective. We also do not obstruct your guests view during the ceremony

4. What type of services or products do you provide?

We do Cinematography and Photography for weddings and commercials. We also love to highlight excellent causes such as NGOs and charitable organizations.

5. What is the number one thing that your clients absolutely love about your brand?

Authentic, graceful cinematography from a unique perspective!

6. Adriana Weddings is all about showcasing authentic moments, true love stories, and exquisite art. Would you say these elements are of the utmost importance to you as well?

Definitely! We strive to capture weddings as authentic and unobtrusively as we can. Anyone can spot a phony smile but genuine moments live forever in our film and photos. This is what makes our clients, their families (and even us) watch their films and photos over and over again.

7. What have you learnt the most from your experience as a wedding professional working in the Caribbean?

Bring lights! Not just equipment but when you realize that’s it your job to share in the best part of someone’s life…you can’t help but add some of your love and joy to that day.

8. What do you love the most about Caribbean destination weddings?

Capturing lovely adventurous couples in lovely locations with vibrancy and flare!

9. What or who inspires you the most?

Earning a living from the talents God blessed us with.

10. How can couples get in touch with you?

Email: [email protected] | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 780-1661

11. What would you say is the best time prior to their wedding day? Eg. 3 months, 6 months, etc.

Sooner is always better but don’t be afraid to call us even if it’s late. If we’re booked we’ll do our best to find some other great cinematographers and photographers for you!


Check out Luvo Cinematography’s work via their website or enjoy their beautiful Instagram – @luvocinematography

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Videography: Luvo Cinematography

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