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For over a decade, Mr. Brian Pantin and the Abfab team have created breathtaking decor and unique designs for various types of events throughout Trinidad & Tobago. And for over 10 years, we have sat back and beamed at his success, passion and love for his craft. He is not only an exceptional designer consistent in his unique concepts and decor elements, but has been labelled as one of the top decorators within our twin isle by some of the best wedding brands and professionals. You could only imagine how eager we were to get in touch with him to catch a glimpse into the creative world of Abfab Events, and we were so humbled with what we discovered. He and his team are truly inspirational, kind, and utterly talented. As such, we now welcome you to dive straight into the interview, and meet the Founder of one of our handpicked wedding brands – Mr. Brian Pantin.

AW: Tell us your story – How did you begin designing weddings & events?

BP: Fifteen years ago, my niece Rachel, now my right hand in AbFab Events, was graduating from school and asked me to be a part of the committee. Little by little, my responsibilities increased, until the entire concept, theme, decor fell on my lap, as well as being Master of Ceremonies on the night. That night, as stressed and exhausted as I was, I knew that I had come face to face with my passion, my reason for living.

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AW: What is your preferred style for decorating any type of event?

BP: AbFab Events has a very clean, minimalistic look…most of the time. My/Our favorites, by far, are the small intimate weddings. I always recommend long banquet tables because the precision and attention to detail can be better appreciated by the guests when they enter the space.

AW: The Trinidad & Tobago wedding industry has been affected so drastically over the past few years with international trends and social media influences like Pinterest, do you find a lot of inspiration from these sources or by other means?

BP: Pinterest and I have a “love/hate” relationship. I love it because it allows me the opportunity to keep up with the trends in the industry. I don’t love it because my clients are then exposed to tons of possibilities that a) are distorted by photography and photoshopping and b) may not be practical in our weather conditions or the restrictions of one venue or another.

AW: You have designed such gorgeous events over the years, is there any specific theme that was your favorite?

BP: The “Great Gatsby” wedding we did last year is at the top of my list. The budget was practical, for such an opulent theme, and I was given free reign by the Bride. We were able to add a few personal touches to the centerpieces, like small photo frames with quotes from the book. Gatsby was a great romantic and loved entertaining people and the novel remains a masterpiece. So it was quite inspiring.

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AW: How long in advance should a bride contact you for your services?

BP: Human nature plays a big part in this. Right now, we are in negotiations for a weddings in April and July 2018. Life experiences and priorities play a big part in the importance that clients give to the planning stages of a wedding. You should only consult with a decorator when you have selected your venue. Each venue can accommodate and may require something different from another, so talking decor really isn’t necessary until a venue is finalised. That said, planning for a wedding should ideally start at least a year in advance of the date.

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AW: Do you have any tips for brides to be struggling to choose the theme for their wedding / décor?

BP: Start with a colour. A theme is not an absolute necessity. A colour scheme and a style of decor would be more important, in my mind.

AW: Please choose:
a) Simple / Extravagant?
b) Pastels / Bright & Bold?
c) Outdoor / Indoor?

BP: I cannot choose…all of them excite me!

AW: What’s next for Abfab Events?

BP: God will decide what’s next. Fifteen years ago, I thought I was happy and fulfilled. Now I KNOW the real meaning of happiness and fulfillment. The AbFab team is small but dedicated, loyal and as passionate as I am. This is their business as much as it is mine. As long as the Universe will allow, we will welcome what comes our way with open arms and love.

Thank you so much Mr. Brian Pantin for your love and inspiration! We learnt some fantastic tips along the way, and can’t wait to see more of your Absolutely Fabulous work to come!


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