We have had a tough few weeks guys, and it’s likely that the month of April is going to be challenging still. There’s a considerable amount of work to be done to rid the world of Covid-19, but it does ease our hearts and minds to know that we have incredible medical practitioners working around the clock to ensure that this virus is dealt with as soon as possible. We just want to say a very special thank you to all of the medical practitioners, and anyone who is giving their all to assist others during this difficult time. You are exceptional, and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort. 

Last week, we posted two fantastic articles from a couple experts within the wedding industry to help guide you beauties who are currently planning your destination wedding. They included some tip top information on exactly what you can do if you need to postpone your wedding, and some other additional details on support and free consultations. If you haven’t checked them out as yet, please tap on the links below:

Due to the overwhelming response from these two features, we decided to tap further into our network of wedding professionals to gain even more feedback, and this is what they had to say… 


1. Would you recommend that couples postpone or cancel their destination weddings in 2020?


“Last week we gathered 10, next week we have to shelter in place, what’s next we don’t know, so I would say as long as we can gather whatever the amount, get married don’t cancel, celebrate afterwards in a big way! The marriage is more important than the wedding.” – Cheers Visual Communications.

“It depends when the wedding is. I am truly hoping that it would be safe to rebook from July onwards.” – Jane Decle Photography.

“Postpone. Mostly due to the face that we do incoming destination weddings to Grand Cayman. The complications of travel during this time are worth postponing!” – Jenna Leigh Photography.



“Postpone until all services can operate without fear and restrictions.” – The Brown Box.



“If there is an option to postpone, I would highly suggest that route first. Many vendors are understanding of the situation and willing to help. This not only helps the couple save their deposits but it also helps the vendors as many of them are small businesses.” – PaperTales Custom – Custom Wedding Stationery + Design.



“Postpone until we have some clarity – it’s too early to know. I suggest to wait one month and reassess then.” – Island Style Weddings.



“We recommend postponing, as it is a way to cooperate with tourism all over the world.” – Sublime Samana

Jenna Leigh Photography, Cayman Islands Wedding Photographer

2. What is your re-schedule or cancellation policy?


“Rescheduling is good to go. We hope no one has to cancel but in that case, the retainer is non refundable.”  – Celeste & Reece Photography

“Postponing- keep the deposit on file with no limit to re-booking dates” – Jenna Leigh Photography.

“The 50% retainer is not refundable. We accept date changes until December 31, just like all the airlines.” – NCH Studio.

“There is no additional cost to re-scheduling. Cancellation depending on how far out it happens the deposit can be lost or can be applied as a credit. All depends on individual circumstances.” – Jane Decle Photography.

“Once you reschedule your wedding to an available date, your new date would be booked and package applied. Cancellations are being considered at the moment. My current thought process is that you would have that credit for the period of 1 year that you could transfer to someone else or utilize in no more than two events dependent on the value.” – Cheers Visual Communications.



“I have offered Free Digital Design Services for Brides who need an announcement to inform their guests of the change of date. My current brides who are awaiting day of stationery are all on hold until more information arrives with new dates, schedule, etc.”  – PaperTales Custom – Custom Wedding Stationery + Design.



“We will honour all bookings for 1 year after the initial wedding date.”  – Island Style Weddings.



“Rescheduling can be made up to 18 months from now. The Christmas period is not included. If the reservation is before April 12th 2020, we can refund the total amount. If the reservation is after April 12th 2020, it only applies for the 50% refund.” – Sublime Samana.

Rendezvous at Viva Wyndham V Samana For Your Destination Wedding!, Photography by NCH Studio, for Destination Wedding magazine ADRIANA.

3. Can couples apply their previous deposit to a new wedding date?


“If we have not gone to print – YES! For all my past brides I’m offering a significant discount for Change of Dates or Formal Invitation Reprints!”  – PaperTales Custom – Custom Wedding Stationery + Design.

PaperTales Custom, wedding invitation for Destination Wedding Blog Adriana Weddings

4. If a couple planned a destination wedding in 2020, would you recommend they stick with it, or consider 2021 due to travel restrictions, etc?


“We are hoping that Late 2020 will be great, but no one can say anytime soon…” – Celeste & Reece Photography

“Dependent upon the location in which the couple and guests are flying in from. Most couples are re-booking Fall/Winter: 2020-2021.”  – Jenna Leigh Photography.



“Due to all the travel restrictions I say hold off until 2021”. – The Brown Box.



“New information is developing hour by hour and many destinations are now on travel restrictions. The hard part about rescheduling to a later date in the year is maybe a couple was set on having a Spring Wedding and now they have to consider a Winter Wedding. This means decor changes, seasonal flowers, etc. For brides who really have their heart set on a certain style or theme, maybe waiting until the same month in 2021 would serve them better.”  – PaperTales Custom – Custom Wedding Stationery + Design.

The Brown Box, Cake Artistry for Destination Wedding Blog Adriana Weddings

5. Would you recommend that couples hire a destination wedding planner if they have not as yet? Why?


“Yes we recommend a local planner to ease the stress of planning and have someone on the ground to assure the best possible outcome.” – Celeste & Reece Photography.

“Yes! It gives couples peace of mind to have a planner so that they can assist with changes and vendor choices etc. Also, it gives a point of contact locally in these times of uncertainty. They can assist and keep lines of communication open with clients while helping clients work with vendors.”  – Jenna Leigh Photography.

“I always recommend a planner, especially for destination weddings. For piece of mind and to ensure the day runs smoothly, a planner is key. It’s very hard to deal with everything that is happening in your life and then having to plan from afar.” – Jane Decle Photography.

“Yes, I would recommend hiring a destination wedding planner, mainly because there are things that you may not have considered that an expert would, and you want little to no hiccups.” – Cheers Visual Communications.

“Definitely yes. A wedding planner is someone who fights your battles while you can really concentrate on what you want.” – NCH Studio.



“Sure. Would take the hassle out of tons of logistical things they aren’t familiar with in the country they are planning to have their wedding.” – The Brown Box.



“Hiring a Wedding Planner can ease the stress of planning. You get the knowledge and experience of a professional in the industry to guide you through every step. This could also help save a Bride hundreds if not thousands of dollars by using their preferred vendor partnerships.”  – PaperTales Custom – Custom Wedding Stationery + Design.



“Most definitely, a local planner can give them honest and realistic answers.”   – Island Style Weddings.

Island Style Weddings for Destination Wedding Blog Adriana Weddings

6. If you are unavailable for your client's new wedding date, what would you suggest to them? Would you be open to mid-week weddings?


“Yes! Mid week works great! Especially for rescheduling as all the vendors maybe available.” – Celeste & Reece Photography.

“Firstly, I would suggest checking with your photographer first to see when they are available before choosing a new date (if possible). If this is not possible check with them still as they will always offer to help you find the perfect alternative.”  – Jane Decle Photography.

“I have already advised my clients that we should get a new date together, I love mid-week weddings, they are my favourite. They are smaller normally and maybe perfect amid this crisis.” – Cheers Visual Communications.

“Someone from our team will be available since we are a team of 6. Mid-week beach and hotel weddings are the best because there are less locals vacationing.” – NCH Studio.

Angelina & Calvin's Rustic Garden Wedding In Trinidad & Tobago, Photography by Cheers Visual Communications for Destination Wedding network Adriana Weddings

Cheers Visual Communications has graciously offered special discounts for couples who are currently planning their wedding in Trinidad & Tobago & the Caribbean.

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