“COVID-19 has created a stir in the world, and the wedding industry has come to a standstill. Now what? If you have a wedding planner, they should be discussing with you the options and moving forward based on your decisions. I get it is not an easy decision, but it should be made.” Jacqueline Vazquez, Lifetime Events by Jacqueline.

Yes, the wedding industry truly has come to a complete standstill, and we’re all praying that one day we will be able to share your love story with our sweet community. Not to fear love, your special day will come.

In the meantime, let us join together, support one another and stay safe. As Master Wedding Planner Jacqueline Vazquez explains, it will not be a simple decision and only time will tell how things turn out, but try to put things in place now and make the necessary plans to ensure that you protect yourself and your significant other. Read on for some practical tips from Jacqueline on how to manage all of your wedding planning details.

Lifetime Events by Jacqueline, Luxury Destination Wedding Planner, Expert Advice for Couples on how to plan their destination wedding during Covid-19

1. If a couple does not have a wedding planner at the moment, what would you recommend?

If you have not booked a venue or wedding professional, wait until everything has cleared and then proceed with your planning.

If you are having a destination wedding, within the next 2 months here are some steps to help you move forward:

–          Stay calm and breathe

–          Review your contracts thoroughly to ensure you understand the cancellation policy.

–          Contact the venue and wedding professionals to discuss the options and flexibility.  Since the coronavirus is a global pandemic crisis, most wedding professionals are offering a variety of different options.  Whether the conversation is over the phone or in person, ensure that you get the options in writing.

–          Making a decision will not be easy, so ensure you are taking everything into consideration.

–          If you are still struggling to make a decision, I suggest contacting a professional wedding planner who could offer a complimentary service to discuss your options.

–          Keep in mind that wedding businesses have also been impacted, so it is a sensitive conversation on both ends.

2. Would you recommend that couples postpone or cancel their 2020 weddings?

My suggestion is to postpone your wedding, to give you some breathing space. The difficult part with postponing is that you are in a rush mode. Take at least 1 to 3 days to make your decision, but keep in mind that all of your wedding professionals and venue need a decision as there are other couples contacting them as well. Make sure they are holding the date for you. If they agree to hold the date, a timeframe will be set so make sure to respond within that timeframe. Don’t be surprised if they say no. Let them know that this is an important day for you, and that making a rushed decision was something you never knew you had to deal with. Things will clear off, and couples will be able to celebrate their weddings with much more appreciation in light of the circumstances. “Love will prevail any obstacles or crisis.”

3. What is your re-schedule or cancellation policy?

As a wedding planner, I take into consideration the circumstances and act on that. So with regard to any cancellations, if my clients have hired me for planning and I have already been providing the services the couples will not be liable for services not rendered. If they are re-scheduling, and I am available we shall move forth with the new date. If they reschedule and I am not personally available, another team member will be assigned as a lead in that wedding. My team is more than qualified to carry out our services with the same process and professionalism I would.

4. If a couple planned a destination wedding in 2020, would you recommend they stick with it, or consider 2021 due to travel restrictions, etc?

Since this is still an uncertain time for everyone we are suggesting moving forward any weddings after July 2020 depending on the location, and have a follow up plan. Our role as planners is to make sure there is a follow up plan with all of the wedding professionals involved.

Lifetime Events by Jacqueline, Luxury Destination Wedding Planner, Expert Advice for Couples on how to plan their destination wedding during Covid-19

5. Would you recommend that couples hire a destination wedding planner if they have not as yet? Why?

Yes. I know that some couples look at hiring a wedding planner as a cost they don’t need to add, but in the midst of this global pandemic a lot of couples are realizing the need for hiring a destination wedding planner. It’s not an expense, it’s an investment.


Here are “some” reasons why you should hire an independent planning company:

• We know and understand your dreams and expectations
• We are equipped with knowledge and experience
• We are your eyes and ears
• We are there to hear your concerns
• We are your calm during uncertain times.
• We are prepared to have all the conversations amid
unexpected crisis
• We are in the background ready to handle the “what ifs”
• We are there if plan A is not flowing, and are ready to move
forward with plan B – Z
• We are there to make you shine
• We are there to be your “Superhero”!

6. If you are unavailable for your client's new wedding date, what would you suggest to them? Would you be open to mid-week weddings?

We will definitely find availability for our clients new date and our services. I can’t guarantee that I will be the one leading the wedding on the “day of”, but I can guarantee they will have a qualified planner approved by me.

7. What is the best way for couples to communicate with their guests during this time?

I think Email is the best way to communicate with your loved ones and guests at this time.
Lifetime Events by Jacqueline, Luxury Destination Wedding Planner, Expert Advice for Couples on how to plan their destination wedding during Covid-19

And remember, however you decide to celebrate your wedding it will be the best and most memorable day. So if plans changes that is fine, breathe and know that your special day will come and whoever is there to celebrate with you was meant to be there.

Jacqueline Vazquez has graciously offered complimentary consultations for couples from around the world who are currently planning their wedding and may be in need of some professional assistance.

Email Jacqueline at contact@lebjv.com

Lifetime Events by Jacqueline, Luxury Destination Wedding Planner, Expert Advice for Couples on how to plan their destination wedding during Covid-19


Lifetime Events by Jacqueline, Luxury Destination Wedding Planner, Expert Advice for Couples on how to plan their destination wedding during Covid-19

About the Expert: Jacqueline Vazquez is a Master Wedding Planner, Certified Event Planner, Detail Designer, and International Wedding Guru™ with close to 20 years experience in the Event industry. At the top of her “passion list” is planning and creating special and memorable events for her clients from around the world. She is a mentor to many professionals within the wedding industry, an International Speaker, an avid traveller, loves giving back to her community and has such a love for her husband, family, and breathtaking scenery.

For more information on how to work with Jacqueline, you can send her an email at contact@lebjv.com. Don’t forget to also follow her on Instagram & Facebook.

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