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Lately, DIY weddings have taken over the wedding industry. From the likes of Youtube, Google and our favourite –Pinterest; creating things for yourself for your special day has become popular beyond compare, and we get it. Not only is it an avenue to save money, but also to be creative and showcase your unique personality on your wedding day. But (and you knew this was coming), there are a few disadvantages to going the DIY route…and here’s what they are.

1) The Drunken Uncle Who Wants To Run The Bar

There are many elements that go into running a successful Bar Service, and many don’t take this into consideration when planning their wedding. You need to buy the required amount of alcohol to cater to your guest count; sufficient ice; supply the various types of glasses depending on the variety of drinks that you may be interested in serving, etc.

Of course you would also need to have bar utensils and an efficient bar staff with an ideal bar staff to patron ratio to have a smooth flow to serve your lovely guests (pretty sure you didn’t know this existed).

If you just think of the number of items on your to-do list to arrange for this particular category alone, you would think twice about allowing just any and everybody to run the bar for your wedding, because you may end up finding that very same family member a little bit more intoxicated than your guests. Not a fun time, right?

2) The Fun That Is Décor

Now don’t get us wrong, we truly love and appreciate those special creative people, but at the end of the day there are a few important points to note with this category that most couples forget:

  1. Décor requires time. If you decide to do the décor by yourself or with the assistance of family and friends who may also be attending your wedding, then you may end up running a bit behind on schedule, since it takes a significant amount of effort to do it right.
  2. Décor requires effort. The same time and effort that was spent scouring the Internet and local stores for supplies could have been spent planning your perfect dream honeymoon, or having fun with your girls while organizing your bridal shower.
  3. Décor takes manpower. Don’t forget that what goes up, must come down. After hours of putting up the décor and partying till midnight, you will be exhausted. So, as a DIY bride take this into consideration, since you and your loved ones will now be left with this tiring responsibility.

3) Your Party Planning Best Friend

Contrary to popular belief, wedding planning is actually a profession – a serious one. So, just because you may have a close friend who may have planned a few parties back in her day, doesn’t mean that she is now capable of planning a wedding, especially yours.

There are many components that are required to plan a proper wedding, which are not limited to just holding your trail to walk up the stairs to the church. This job requires passion, patience, and project management skills that take years to properly perfect. As a wedding planner, you must always have contingency plans in place when things go wrong, and trust us when we say that they can. It takes a special kind of person or team to be able to work under the pressure that sometimes does come from planning a wedding. And this is where a professional wedding planner’s presence is instrumental – to calm all the nerves, and make your day memorable.

4) The Aunt Who Loves To Cook

We’ve heard people say, “just because you can cook, doesn’t mean that you can become a caterer”, and this statement is so true. We all have that amazing family member who can cook a mean Sunday lunch, but cooking for one family as compared to upwards of two hundred people is not the same thing.

When looking into this category for your wedding day, consider the aforementioned point as this can damper the mood of your wedding, and nobody wants that right?

5) The Sweet Little Favours

Terrel Carey Photography for

Remember those cute wooden favours that you saw on Etsy and thought that they looked so simple, and that you could easily make it into a fun activity for you and your girls to make? Then, remember how long it took to complete the first fifty with one hundred and fifty still to go? Yes, we know that your girls slowly began to disappear because they truly did not know how time consuming the process would have been.

Always remember that even though they would have accepted the position as “bridesmaid”, doesn’t mean that they are obligated to carry out any and all requests that you have. It’s not a point that as brides-to-be, you would like but it is something that you would have to take note and be understanding of.

As with everything else in life, there will always be the battle between time and money. And this definitely holds true for DIY weddings of any form. Yes, you may end up saving a few pennies, but in the end, would it have been worth all the added stress? This will be up to you to decide.

Until next time lovebirds…Happy Planning!

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