Today’s wedding is so darling, it seems too good to be true. Amanda and Al met at a Sloppy Joe’s Saloon and Spoon many years ago, and knew that their interaction was something special when Amanda’s sister blurted out “you will marry my sister”, the moment she saw Al. Little did the couple know, that she was 100% right, and that 7 years later, they would be saying “I do” in the beautiful Dominican Republic. 

We are so excited for you to hear the rest of the details from Amanda and Al, and how their hilarious first encounter, turned into a true love story for them. 

Thank you so much to Milan Photo Cine Art for sending this charmer our way!



The beginning of Amanda and Al’s history together started at Sloppy Joe’s Saloon and Spoon in Hubertus. Although they had mutual friends, had met each other briefly before, and Kristen had sponsored Al’s race car, they didn’t actually have any interactions with each other until this point.

“Me and my sister had been having a “I hate the world day” (each having our own reasons), so we decided to cheer each other up and have some fun for a bit before planning to return to Snappers. As we walked through the door, Kristen jokingly pointed to Al who was with our mutual friend Ryan, wearing a t-shirt that looked like a tuxedo, and said “you’re going to marry my sister”. I was of course really embarrassed by this and laughed it off. After having some fun at Sloppy’s, my sister decided it would be a GREAT idea to have the boys join us back at Snappers, and the rest is history….we fell in love and here we are….not. haha. Al was trying to hit on me, we were both single…but…I wanted nothing to do with any guy at that point, so I hid in the kitchen for the remainder of the evening and even went as far to have my sister ask them to leave!!

After a few more random encounters we had exchanged numbers, found each other on Facebook, and got to know each other. It took me a while to give him a chance. I had been heartbroken prior, so I just continued to keep in contact. After more persistence and a little push from my sister, we hit it off! To this day, I still cannot believe my sister said to Al “you will marry my sister”….man was she right!” says Amanda.

“Well, Amanda pretty much nailed it there… I couldn’t tell you what Ryan and I were up to, other than no good. So, here we are, walking into Sloppys, and yes, the first thing Kristen says is “you’re gonna marry my sister”. I, of course laughed it off. But damn, it’s happened! Amanda and I really did hit it off from the start. My first impression of meeting her before that, was she was to “fancy” for me HA! Clearly, I’m the fancy one in the relationship now. We really are a good team, and I am just as shocked as you are, but I finally found someone to settle me down. She keeps me grounded. I think we all know I need that. SEVEN YEARS later, we are married” says Al.


“After waiting SIX PLUS YEARS, it finally happened! Al had been kind of quiet all day, I even caught him one time staring out the window in lala land at one of the stops on the sleds. I shrugged it off like he was tired.

When we got to Joany’s sidekick, my favorite place in Hurley, I rushed off my sled irritated with how long it took us and that my hands were so cold and frozen that I couldn’t even grab my things for inside. I yelled to Al to grab the key out of my sled, he ignored me, but I kept walking because our friend Shannon yelled at him to grab it for me, little did we know he was trying to get the ring out of his jacket! He yelled back and said “hey aren’t you missing this?” when I turned around angrily, he was on one knee, I thought he was being a jerk saying “here princess here’s your key”. At first I only saw the pink key chain from my sled, but just as I turned my head, the sun caught the ring and I knew what was going on. Tears starting flowing instantly as Al asked ” Will you marry me?”. He told NO ONE, except asking my dad, so it was a quick scramble for our group of friends to find their phones to take pictures!

It was simple, it was us, it was doing something we love to do, that we make sure to do annually with amazing friends! I would not have dreamed of it any other way!” explains Amanda.


“We wanted something small with all of our closest family and friends. Amanda has always wanted a destination wedding since she was younger. Her dream was to provide an intimate ceremony and unique reception. Both of us wanted to be able to spoil our family and friends who made the trip to share in our special day – Sanael seemed like the perfect option. We also used this opportunity as a family vacation. Both of us had never experienced a family beach trip out of the US. It was the best decision for us!” says Al.

Destination Wedding at Majestic Elegance Hotel and Sanael Boat in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Photography by Milan Photo Cine Art for Destination Wedding Blog Adriana Weddings

Thank you so much to Amanda, Al and Milan Photo Cine Art for sharing this gorgeous destination wedding with us!


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Photography, Cinema & Video: Milan Photo Cine Art | Event Venue, Officiant, Cake Artistry : Majestic Elegance | Makeup Artist: Majestic Elegance Spa | Officiant: Majestic Elegance | Other: Sanael Caribbean Boat | Submitted via Two Bright Lights |

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