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No matter what stage of the process you are at or where you are from, we are all guilty of the “comparison game”. None of us are 100% confident in our decision-making on any given day, so then how could we possibly be when planning for something as special as our wedding day.

The truth is that we will always find ourselves looking on at other couples who tied the knot, whether in our geographical location or not, and tell ourselves, “damn, we should’ve thought of that!” or “oh no, why didn’t we add that?” And trust us when we say that comparing ourselves to others brings no joy, and generally makes things a lot worse.

The thing is, that we all do it so you are NOT alone. But since you already know wholeheartedly that this won’t better your situation, and will not bring any sort of happiness and probably just stress, here are a few things that you could do when these negative thoughts start to creep in:

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There is room for every bride/ couple to be creative

This could not possibly be truer. I have been on the bride side, the company side, and now on the media side, and I can safely say that you can be as creative as you’d like, and never have to worry for one second if you should have done this, or could have done that, because you did exactly what you wanted to do to make your day special and most importantly, unique to you and your beau. And guess what? That’s all that matters.

Think non-competitively whilst planning

There are so many positives to having a competitive disposition, but when it comes to the “comparison game”, it is a serious buzz kill. Every couple has an idea of what they may want their day to look like, and your idea may be entirely different, and this is your opportunity to embrace it! Trust that not only do wedding professionals love uniquely crafted concepts – they welcome it. So try to stand out as much as heavenly possible, and not be so competitive when attending others weddings. Also, every wedding, and I repeat, EVERY wedding will have its ups and downs, so be cognizant of this when these negative thoughts begin to rear their ugly head. 

Put on your blinders while planning

At times it’s just helpful to close your eyes from all of the “inspiration”, and do your thing. Don’t you think? And what you’d find when you do this, is that you allow your creativity to shine in ways that you never thought possible. Just delete that Pinterest app for a few months, turn off the notifications on Facebook and Instagram, and try to actually enjoy yourself when you attend other weddings instead of taking note of every little detail, and finding reasons to criticize. Food for thought

Look at the Bigger Picture

Whenever you feel a bit frustrated whilst planning, just stop for one moment and think about the big picture. Try to think of all the little moments that you and your husband-to-be have shared thus far throughout the process. Think about the fun that you had while looking for your wedding dress, or those girls’ days where you went bridesmaid dress shopping. Just remember that you will one day tie the knot with the love of your life, and all of the wedding planning stress, worry and comparison will mean absolutely nothing. Having a blast is not just a must; it’s your duty.

Remember Your Why

When you start comparing your wedding to others, think about it and ask yourself why it may be occurring. What inevitably begins happening is that you fall behind in your own planning because you become trapped by the very thought of moving forward. The answer is not to stress on the nitty gritty things that others may have thought of, but focus strictly on what you have done to make your day special, and more importantly what is still to complete. Nothing will damper your spirits more than the “comparison game”, so keep your eye on the prize – YOUR wedding day, and marrying your best friend.

What are your thoughts guys? How have you been dealing with the “comparison game”?


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