In the most perfect world, we would probably register for everything under the sun, and we would be pretty content with that decision. But unfortunately, this just isn’t practical, and it’s important that we take our time during the registry process, to choose items that would really add value to our situation, especially after we say the big “I Do!”

So we know you are probably asking yourself, “Well, how do we know exactly what to choose and if we will use it in the future?” And the answer isn’t a simple one sadly, but we’ve rounded up some Caribbean Registry Essentials, sharing some tiptop information on what you should really consider, so you can make the best judgements.

Here are our Top 6 Tips to Consider: 

  1. Choose a company or companies that you truly trust.

 After you have done extensive research; chosen the Caribbean companies that you are interested in registering with; and signed up, it would be a crying shame if when you finally received some of the items after the wedding, that some of them fell apart in no time due to shipping or other issues.

In as much as you can’t control the quality of products or other unfortunate mishaps, you can certainly do some double-checking before you sign up for these items by reading reviews, or even going to the store yourself and examining the items.


  1. Try not to choose more than one of the same items for your guests to purchase unless you REALLY need two or more of it.

 With hundreds or sometimes thousands of items to choose from, from any one store, why would you choose to select the same item twice or even three times for your registry?

While we fully understand that having more than one black and white striped cushion for your bed might make you happier than pie, is it truly necessary? If it isn’t part of a set, then maybe you could think about selecting an item that may be more worth your while, like a toaster or even a stainless steel pot set that you never had. Just think about it 😉


  1. Be considerate of your guests.

 Now we know that you are already the sweetest thing ever, and would never do anything to overwhelm your guests, but sometimes we do get carried away.

When choosing products for your Registry, try to select stores or items that won’t break the bank, but will still add significant value to both you and your husband or wife. Have fun with it, but don’t overdo it.


  1. Select items that you really love.

 Most times before we officially begin the registry process, we have an idea of what we may want for our home, office, honeymoon, or any other way that we choose to use our Registry.

But oftentimes also, we tend to get flabbergasted with the plethora of options that we have, whether from stores or online, and it affects our decision making process.

In times like these, we always advise couples to remember one simple thing: You will be seeing or using this item for one purpose or another, and it may even end up taking up space in your home, so try to choose things that will make you extremely happy every time that you take a look at it!


  1. Give the gift of options.

 Important to note – This all depends on you and your current situation, but if its one thing that we know, it’s that guests love options. Considering “Gift” and “Cash” Registry opportunities for your guests is a win win for both you and them.

By creating a Cash Registry, you can get the gift of money from your loved ones from around the world who didn’t get an opportunity to make it to your wedding, or even to those within your country who could not attend.

Many people even prefer to give cash in some instances, since they leave the ball in your court to use it as you wish. No complaints there, right?


  1. Check your Registries at least once to update if needed.

 Though often forgotten, this tip is one that is essential in this process. So often have we heard from brides that guests may have wanted to purchase items for them on their Registry list(s), but they were either sold out in the stores or were unavailable on the websites.

Take note of this from the start, and set a reminder after a couple of months to check back and ensure that everything is ok. You won’t regret it, and you may even be able to throw in a few items just in case you forgot something cool like a chocolate fountain or ice cream maker! 😉

So what do you think lovebirds? Did you use any of these tips while creating your Wedding Registry? Let us know!

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