Hi darlings and happy Wedding/ Engagement Wednesdays! Our friend Brinnelle is the newest bud to share her Proposal story with us here on the Blog, and ohhhhh is it a great one! We have known Brinnelle for quite some time now, and have watched her darling relationship grow into the beauty that it is today. She is the sweetest person in the world, and her husband to be is quite charming as well, so you could just imagine how excited we are to share their feature with all of you lovebirds today. 

So without further ado, meet the lovely bride-to-be Brinnelle…

Brinnelle & Leroy's Fun Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago



Everyone knows it goes down in the DMs! Lol! It’s true! Leroy jumped into my Twiter DM (direct message). I can’t remember what was said but I remember we clicked instantly. Eventually, every night we Skype video-called each other and realized more and more how much we had in common. We met in person a few weeks later when we decided to go watch Hangover 3 at the cinema. During that date, it felt like we’d known each other our entire lives. I knew that this connection was something special… Howeverrrrr… The fact that Leroy is from South Trinidad and I’m from the East was a significant barrier we had to overcome.

He became adamant that this relationship wasn’t going to work out because neither of us had a vehicle so we wouldn’t see each other often enough to sustain a long-term relationship. I consistently tried my best to convince him that this was worth it, but he didn’t believe it, so after a while we drifted apart and eventually stopped talking altogether.

A couple weeks later our mutual friend, Kwame, invited me to support him in a poetry recital in P.O.S. My girlie and I weren’t able to make it on time for the recital so we asked Kwame if he would meet us in Stumblin to lime to which he obliged. We didn’t realize it was an entire carload of guys who were coming to meet us and one of the persons was Leroy. I was in complete shock but I played it cool. It was super awkward meeting Leroy after all that time of not speaking. We hugged, spoke a little, everyone got drinks and danced – Leroy and I danced together the majority of the time. Eventually, the driver of their carload was ready to leave so hugs and handshakes were passing around as they prepared to make their departure. As Leroy gave me my “goodbye hug”, I didn’t want to let go (and he didn’t want to let me go either). We locked eyes and….. we kissed… In the middle of the Stumblin dancefloor!

I swear time stopped and it was just the both of us in that moment.

When we stopped kissing and went back in reality, we went for gyros afterward and eventually Leroy and his friends left. I could not stop talking with my friend about that kiss the entire night. I wasn’t even sure if to message Leroy or what, but I didn’t have to worry for too long because by the time I got home, I received a message from him stating “just thought you should know that, that was the best kiss I’ve ever received in my 20 years of life on this planet”. That night was truly a defining moment in our relationship because we knew we couldn’t keep away from each other – something in the Universe was pulling us together” says Brinnelle. 


So apparently Leroy was planning this over a year ago! However, about a month before our 5th anniversary as a couple, he contacted my utmost favorite photographer – Kyle Archibald – and planned the proposal. I’ve always wanted to do a photo shoot with Kyle but never got the opportunity.

As the anniversary date approached, Leroy told me not to plan anything – I’m the planner in our relationship. A couple days before, Leroy told me I should get my hair and makeup done for the day because we’ll be doing something special – he even helped me choose what to wear. I was excited but completely oblivious.

On the day, he met me fully dressed with my makeup done, he took me to get my hair done and we went for breakfast. Afterward, we went for a drive which lead to Kyle’s home to meet him for the shoot! I actually screamed – I was so happy and excited! We drove straight to the Bamboo Cathedral and started shooting. We started with some ‘couple’ pics, then Kyle told us he wanted some single shots as well. We moved as instructed. He shot Leroy first, then told him to move aside for my shots.

I was so pumped, I didn’t realize that Leroy was kneeling behind me with the ring in his hand. Kyle eventually got me to turn around just enough to see Leroy and when I did… Well… I was a mess! “What the f… Leroy! What are you doing?!” were the first words out my mouth. I don’t know how but I ended up kneeling in front of him as well. His eyes filled up with water causing mine to do the same. In my mind I was screaming “Holy shit this is truly happening!” Meanwhile, Kyle was shooting away from the sidelines. Eventually Leroy told me to stand back up so he could propose properly and when I did, that magical 4-worded question left his lips “Will you marry me?”… “YES!” was my immediate response… and we were engaged! BEST ANNIVERSARY EVERRRR!”


“STRESSFUL!!! I started researching monthly checklists to assist with the planning a couple days after the engagement (I was really excited ok?!). We started creating our budget and guest list for the wedding fairly early but had to do the most difficult task of cutting back (both guests and expenses) when we realized how expensive a wedding really is. Our parents have agreed to assist with funding the wedding but we don’t want to be a burden on them all the same” says Brinnelle.


The most challenging moment in our wedding planning process was when our first choice in reception venue was booked! We basically had to start from scratch, because we didn’t have a second or third choice for the reception! The best moment in our wedding planning process was finally settling on a venue for the reception.” 


“It’s fricking amaaazzzzing! I looooove it! Sooooo… actually I’ve been showing Leroy designs of rings I like. I sent him photos, we looked in jewelry stores, etc. but I did tell him that I wanted my ring to have 2 infinity signs on each side of it and I got exactly that!” mentions Brinnelle. 


“We are getting married on 10th August, 2019! The ceremony will take place at the St. Charles R.C. Church, Tunapuna. The decision for the location was a collective effort from both Leroy and I, and my parents (They insisted on having a say… especially my father).” 


I chose the extremely talented Darcel de Vlugt of Van der Vlugt to design and create my wedding dress! I haven’t decided on my shoes as yet but I do have a few options in my Amazon cart. Leroy’s tuxedo will be designed and created by the amazing Ecliff Elie!” says Brinnelle.


Remember to breathe!!! It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of planning your wedding. Ooh! And once you settle on a venue, make your deposit early! Venues get snapped up quickly! I learned the hard way.”

Brinnelle & Leroy's Fun Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago
Brinnelle & Leroy's Fun Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago
Brinnelle & Leroy's Fun Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago
Brinnelle & Leroy's Fun Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago
Brinnelle & Leroy's Fun Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago
Brinnelle & Leroy's Fun Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago
Brinnelle & Leroy's Fun Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago
Brinnelle & Leroy's Fun Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago
Brinnelle & Leroy's Fun Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago
Brinnelle & Leroy's Fun Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago
Brinnelle & Leroy's Fun Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago

Thank you to Brinnelle, Leroy & Kyle Archibald Photography for sharing this sweet album with us!

Brinnelle & Leroy's Fun Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago


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