My husband and I will be celebrating our third year anniversary in a few months, and it got me thinking.

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We have both been working within the wedding industry for so many years, and have seen so much, but yet, still loved every little aspect of what we created for that special day in 2015. Could you imagine?

I cannot tell you how many times we have heard from our industry peers how they wish they did this differently, or went to a different venue, or even eloped in some cases, and how the two of us just sat back and smiled at it all.

Our day was truly special, just as yours will be and here’s why.

It’s funny looking back at it now, because as wedding professionals, you would think that we would have been a little anal about the details that went into the actual day but this just was not the case.

We were so calm and grateful.

We had dreamt up of our preferred theme and colour scheme; contacted our favourite team of wedding professionals (thank God they were all available), and let God and them work their magic. Safe to say that two and half years later, we’re still pretty stoked about the little yet vital decisions that we made while wedding planning.

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Now all of this is not to say that we didn’t have it a little easier than most whilst wedding planning, since we work within the wedding industry. But, you too can have that stress free, dream of a wedding that you have always envisioned if you take a step back and focus on the essentials. And of course, this is my wish for you as you look back on the experience and the day… five, ten, or even fifty years from now.

Recently, I read and article that discussed the urgency of wedding planning, and it made me realize what the concept of “wedding planning” has done to thousands of brides-to-be from around the world, and I knew that we had to touch on it to put things into perspective.

The truth is, as with any aspect of your life, your choices are what matter most. Your decision to plan your own wedding; to hire your own wedding professionals; to choose your own guest list; etc. are all your own. As such, doing it right the first time is what counts. Make judgment calls not based on the necessity to please others for your day, but you and your significant other.

Trust in yourself, and when needed…. take a deep breath.

My wish for you at this special time of your life is not to allow the anxiety of the planning process to steer you in the wrong direction, but encourage and guide you to make the best judgments to ensure your happiness.

Put emphasis on the details that matter most, and that are entirely and unforgivably you and your partner, and appreciate every moment.

And most importantly, if there is anything that my team and I can do to help you during this time of your engagement, we’re just one phone call or email away. We will put you on to the most sincere and talented group of wedding planning professionals from all around the Caribbean through our exclusive wedding vendor network.

If you’re ever feeling a little out of sorts on your why, remember these key points:

  • You have an opportunity to make this day YOUR day, so do not get overwhelmed by others opinions. Be unique, and let your personality shine.
  • The wedding day though extremely special, will pass. Marriage is what should be your focus.
  • Never forget why you said yes, or whom you said yes to. His opinion matters just as much as yours does.
  • Love every part of the process, for it truly does fly by.
  • Trust in the team of wedding professionals that you’ve chosen (from Adriana Weddings) wink, and let them work their magic.

I know how challenging it can be to let go and let be, especially for one of the most important days of your life. But trust me when I say that you won’t regret it once you’ve taken the time to make the best decisions possible.

PS. If you’re new to our luxury wedded space, check out this page for more information and get connected with some of our dearest friends.

Until next time, lots of love and happy planning!


Photography: Leetung & Thomas Studios  who is a lovely member of our Wedding Directory!

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