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Abfab Events Ltd.

Our Story:

Fifteen years ago, my niece Rachel, now my right hand in AbFab Events, was graduating from school and asked me to be a part of the committee. Little by little, my responsibilities increased, until the entire concept, theme, decor fell on my lap, as well as being Master of Ceremonies on the night. That night, as stressed and exhausted as I was, I knew that I had come face to face with my passion, my reason for living.

Expert Interview
with Mr. Brian Pantin



When I think about Brian and his amazing team, I truly get emotional. Their talent and attention to detail is simply outstanding, and it shows with every event that they put their hands on. They are so creative, passionate and genuine, and have become a very special client here at Adriana Weddings.

For my wedding, I chose this team, not only for their pure talent, but for the fun and love that they bring to each wedding that they are a part of. They completely blew both my husband and I away, and exceeded every expectation (which is tough since we both work in the wedding industry)…but they did.

Thank you Brian and the Abfab Events team from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for us, and continue to do each day. You are a wonderful team of wedding & event professionals, and any couple would be lucky to have you as the wedding decorator for their special day.


Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort to help create a perfect day for us. You were one of the best parts of our wedding and I can’t stress enough how beautiful everything turned out. No request was too big. Thank you for professionalism and efficiency, I especially love the comradery amongst your team…everyone just got on with it. Brian, you are worth your weight in gold and I wish you and the entire team continued success.
With love & gratitude, La Toya and Alvin


Loved your work and your personality! Highly recommend!