Gone are those traditional sit down dinner wedding days. Times have certainly changed, and we’re now seeing a considerable boom in the Cocktail Wedding area with our lovely brides which has definitely raised a few interested eyebrows.

To get the scoop on this modern trend, we decided to touch base with our Editor-in-Chief to hear her thoughts on this topic and this is what she had to say.

1. Consider Cost

Most couples believe that by choosing the “Cocktail” route that they will end up cutting cost tremendously, but in reality this is a slight misconception. The hard truth actually is that many factors are often not taken into consideration with this option, and one common one, is catering for the venue size. In this case, the decor and rental cost may actually be affected drastically to cater for a large area, even if the guest list is small. Just picture this, would you want your guests walking into a field with just four cocktail tables to relax by and one food & drink station? Probably not. So once you don’t mind chipping in a few extra bucks to ensure you have a gorgeous and finished look, then this choice won’t be a problem.

Another common factor would also be your guest list. If you and your hubby to be decide to throw a cocktail styled event instead of the traditional sit down, then the intention may be to cut the space needed for the seating, and opt for a larger guest list with just a few cocktail tables. But, what you would have forgotten is that by increasing the guest count, you would now have to increase your budget for food and drink to cater to each extra invitee, meaning an increase in your overall cost, and probably breaking budget. See what I mean? So, once these factors are considered at the right moment, then it should be smooth sailing from there.

2. Provide Some Seating

Yes, I agree that this does take away from the cocktail concept, but trust when I say (from experience), that not only will the older folks thank you for it in the long run, but the high heeled guests and YOU will send praises the next day.

Do the wise thing darlings, rent some chairs.

3. Focus on your preferred Style

At the end of the day, your chosen style for your wedding is what truly counts.

Whether you choose to have a more party centric event, (which will cater to the cocktail styled perfectly), or a more traditional, formal style, (aka. sit- down wedding), it’s all up to you.

Choose a concept that won’t break the bank, and will also allow you to have the best day ever, because you won’t ever forget it.

4. Guest Entertainment is Key

Entertaining guests throughout a wedding has to be one of the most difficult tasks known to man. Not only is it a challenge for the couple, but for the wedding planner as well! People are so jittery, and are difficult to please when there’s nothing to focus on, (yes, I am guilty too!). What I have actually experienced is that it’s even more exhausting to entertain guests at a Cocktail styled event than at its comparison, since guests are only given a few available options at this type of event, and in most cases opt to just drink to their hearts content due to the lack of activity.

Some fantastic ideas that I have loved recently are these:

Giant Jenga
Photo Booths
Quizzes about the couple at each table
They may require a bit more effort to prepare, but they are so much fun and will definitely keep your guests very busy!

5. Keep your guests Informed

The trick here is to ensure that all guests are fully aware of your chosen wedding style, way in advance. Many guests go to weddings with their tummies empty expecting a full meal and more to cover them till the next day, but of course this won’t be fulfilled with a cocktail styled event.

Take note of this point my darlings, and put this little, yet significant detail down in your invitation so that there won’t be any accidents.

Hey guys! We would love to hear from you. Are you thinking about having a Cocktail Wedding? What are your concerns?

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