The wedding is a day of memories, and you want to make sure to capture the fun in being with your groomsmen. You may not have given much thought to the groomsmen pictures, but you are going to want to make sure you take them. 

There are some fun and fantastic ideas you can use when it comes to taking your photos. However, you want to embrace your inner child and enjoy the photos with your buddies. 

Therefore, here are 7 of the must have photos that you and your groomsmen are going to want to capture.

1. Casual Pre-Wedding Shot

Christian Oth Studio
PHOTO: Christian Oth Studio

Before the hustle and bustle of the wedding gets underway, a relaxed shot of you and the guys just enjoying yourselves in a relaxed manner. Being able to just chill out with the guys pre-wedding is one of the privileges of being a groom with his groomsmen. Make sure to capture the moment in a way that you will never forget with this timeless photo.

2. Embrace Your Inner Child

Photography by Red Letter Days
PHOTO: Red Letter Days

Embracing your inner child can have you and the groomsmen all decked out in your suits but playing around. You can be “too sexy” for your suits, or you can just do funny poses. There should always be a photo of the groom and his groomsmen embracing their inner child when the photos come in. You will love sharing this moment with the guys.

3. Showing Off the Groomsmen Gifts

Photography by Garrett Richardson
PHOTO: Garrett Richardson

You are going to get your buddies a gift, so why not a personalized tie and cufflinks from a place like You can use this gift as a way to get a really cool photo with the guys before the wedding as everyone shows off their gifts with their personalization on them. It is a great way to embrace the day and have some fun at the same time. At the same time, you pick a gift that your buddies will love, if not for any other reason than the photo. 

4. Funky Sock Shot

Photography by Lora Mae Photography
PHOTO: Lora Mae Photography

Show off your fun side by showing you guys all wearing your suits but sporting these funky socks? You can find some really cool funky socks on that you can use to make this picture-perfect photo. It is a fun way to embrace the day but to remember that you are the guys who are going to have fun too. A photo like this will bring laughs to you for many years after the day has passed.

5. Cheers to the Last Moments as a Bachelor

Photography by Amy & Jordan Photography
PHOTO: Amy & Jordan Photography

What is a wedding day without one last drink with the guys before you tie the knot? This photo is a great view of looking up from the ground the minute the glasses clink together as your groomsmen toast your last minutes as a bachelor and your soon to be nuptials. It is a great moment to share with the guys as you embrace that you are down to your last moments as a single guy. You and the guys will love to have a photo to commemorate the moment you have been waiting for.

6. Let’s Do This!

PHOTO: Rebecca Yale Photography

Having a serious picture with the guys that say, “Let’s do this” is a great way to get the day off right. You can get some great personalized wooden sunglasses that are uniform that you and your groomsmen can wear from the that are an excellent choice for this photo. You and the guys can look like your ready for business in this serious yet wonderful groomsmen shot. 

7. Group Hug

Photography by Rockhill Studio
PHOTO: Rockhill Studio

What is manlier than a group of guys in a bear hug? This fun and unique way to commemorate your day in a photo is one that you will cherish. The guys are offering you their blessing as they embrace you and give you a great big hug in congratulations on your wedding day. It is both a heartwarming and fun photo that you and the guys can share together. A group hug photo is one that will bring laughs and fond memories years from now when you are looking through these photos again. 

Whatever your style, get the guys together to have some great groom and groomsmen photos taken before and after the wedding. You want to commemorate the moment with the guys who mean the most to you, and the various photo poses you can use that are listed above are a great way to get those treasured pictures taken.

The main thing to remember when it comes to the groom and groomsmen photos is to have fun. Enjoy yourselves with the pictures. Don’t let them be too serious or let them stress you out. The idea is to have memories that you and the guys can reminisce about years from now. 

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